What if the Celtics get the No. 1 pick?

What if the Celtics get the No. 1 pick?


What if the Celtics get the No. 1 pick?

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Greg OdenA litany of what-ifs have plagued the Celtics since their 80s heyday with Larry Legend, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. This is the team that is considered the best NBA club ever. But lately due to bad luck or worse, the little Leprechaun has been out of commission. Call it a shamrock gone wrong. It is what it is. First, the Len Bias death. Then Reggie Lewis. Then the year everybody thought they were going to get Tim Duncan and they got nothing. Two high lottery picks and neither turns out to be Tim Duncan. For a franchise that had so much luck for so many years and won so many championships, the last two decades have been atrocious.

But don’t despair, Celtic fans. The inevitable will happen. The Celtic luck is about to change. Red Auerbach will finally stop turning over in his grave. He will finally be at peace with a smile on his face as all of the downtrodden Celtic nation lets out a collective sigh. Finally the ping-pong balls will bounce the right way and the beleaguered Celtics will find salvation in the form of the No. 1 draft pick in this year’s draft and the chance to select franchise changer Greg Oden. He may not be the coming of Bill Russell, but close enough.

Imagine Paul Pierce heading a team with Oden in the paint, Al Jefferson at the 4-spot. Although Jefferson isn’t a star, he can be a solid 15-point, 10-rebound man. Wally Szczerbiak playing the shooters role at the 3 and Rajon Rondo running the point. His job is easy, give Paul Pierce the ball. Not a spectacular starting five, but solid and well-versed enough in basketball to come together and form the chemistry that will allow them to win. With Pierce on offense and Oden on defense, Danny Ainge could finally have a contender. And in the weak East, they might just compete for the finals.

Their bench would be strong, too. With slam-dunk champ Gerald Green supplying the instant offense as the sixth man and loads of excitement for the fans. He would ease the scoring burden off of Paul Pierce shoulders when he enters the game. Kendrick Perkins, Tony Allen and Delonte West will round out the rotation and Doc Rivers will finally have a mob to compete in the East. The team will thrive off of Paul Pierce renewed enthusiasm for the game and Gred Oden game-changing defense.

But getting the No. 1 pick in the draft is a big if. After a long time with lady luck looking the other way, though, it’s about time the Celtics get their man. And Greg Oden is their man. He will look good in Celtic green and restore the beleaguered franchise to its former glory. I hope everybody out there in Boston is keeping their fingers crossed. As a closet Celtic fan from the Larry Legend days I sure am.

I am ready to see the Celtic revival.

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