Shooting for the title

Shooting for the title


Shooting for the title

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Corey WilliamsIt’s the final, baby! We made it. We will be playing for the D-League title Sunday against the Colorado 14ers after beating my former team, the Sioux Falls Skyforce, last weekend. It was a close game. And also pretty emotional for me since we were playing the squad I had to leave earlier this season. But we got the W and I’m just plain happy.This has been a loooooong season. There’s been a lot of up and downs, people. But for me to finish my stay in the D-League with a chance to win the championship, it means a lot.

The great atmosphere on the team is the key to our team. It’s like a family and it shows when we play. We’re always doing things together. We eat together, we hang out together… We even went together to the zoo today. The zoo! It also helps that the coach gives minutes to everybody. There’s probably just one player averaging 30-plus minutes and that’s Renaldo Major, who was called up by the Golden State Warriors a few weeks ago.

Sunday’s game is definitely the most important in my career. It’s not just that I’m shooting for a title. It’s also that there will be a lot of people watching. It’s a great stage. Probably all NBA teams will send scouts to the game and there will be guys from Europe watching too. Having success in that game could translate into very good things in the near future. Hopefully, that won’t make us play selfish. But we haven’t done that so far and I don’t expect that to happen Sunday.

Although the D-League has been a great experience for me as a basketball player, you know that from the money standpoint is not that great. You really make no money here… The guys asked me, “What if a European team came with a big offer under the condition that you leave Dakota before the championship game?” I could have given the political answer and say that I just want the title and stuff. But let’s be real, at the end of the day your main concern is taking care of your family. I would have to take the money and leave. That’s the truth. I really want to win the D-League title, though. (And by the way, I will probably go to Europe once the NBADL season is over. Just don’t know where yet).

Although the D-League season comes to an end Sunday, the Diary will stay in the website. I will have a lot going in the summer and will tell you about it here. The guys at K1X will be shooting a documentary about me, I’ll take part in the Last Man Standing Championship… Just a bunch of stuff.

Talk to you again Monday – hopefully after winning a title. Bye!

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