The Darius Rice show

The Darius Rice show


The Darius Rice show

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Corey WilliamsHi! This is the 2006-07 D-League champion you’re reading. We won the championship game Sunday and it was an incredible night. We were al witnesses of the Darius Rice show. He took us, the Dakota Wizards, to the title with an amazing performance. 52 points, people. 52 points. He got on a roll in the second quarter and there was no stopping him after that. I’ve never in my life seen a guy step up at such an impressive level with the stakes so high. I’m talking about a guy who was averaging like 9 or 10 points per game this year. But last night… Wow. He was in a zone. If he doesn’t get a contract in the NBA after that next season, he’s never getting to the NBA. That’s clear.

I was nervous in the fourth quarter because we were close to losing the game. Once Darius hit the trey to force overtime, though, I was absolutely sure we were winning this thing. I wasn’t wrong.

I had a good game myself. I contributed 11 points, which is nice. The greatest thing for me was that my mom was in the stands. She flew to Bismarck to see me play and it meant a lot. She saw me get the MVP at Rucker Park playing against Ron Artest; she also saw me win the Last Man Standing thing… But this is much better. She was there watching as I won a championship. It’s just a whole different level. Although the night life in Bismarck is far from great, we had a lot of fun celebrating the title. We had friends, co-workers and all kind of people partying with us. And it was a long party! I probably slept just a couple of hours, but I’m not even feeling the effects of it.

We have a team banquet today and that will be the end of the celebrations. Tuesday morning, I’m back to Denver. I’ll be there spending time with my kids and evaluating my situation. I’m going to look at the offers and see what I do next. The only thing that’s clear is that I’m done with minor league basketball. Got to make some money now playing at the highest level I can. I’ll try to get into training camp with some NBA team next season, but I’m pretty much open to anything. I know I have some fans down in Australia wanting me to play there and I think that would be cool. Australia, Europe… Anywhere I’m wanted is OK with me.

You’ll hear from me again soon. Bye!

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