Kobe was right

Kobe was right


Kobe was right

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Kobe BryantKobe Bryant was right to be upset. Fans that are looking at this one way are just riding the wave of the past Kobe. I would be upset too if someone in the organization leaked a story concerning myself, especially if I knew the true story behind why they traded Shaquille O’Neal. Whoever leaked that story should be fired and the writer should be ashamed for using an unnamed source. That’s why players for the most part can’t trust reporters. Because of situations like this. I still believe Bryant wants to be traded, but the PR nightmare of doing so is something he does not need right now, especially with how far he has come in resurrecting his career.

If the Lakers don’t find a running mate for Kobe and Lamar Odom, then they should indeed trade him for some valuable players before he opts out and they get nothing. People made fun of his going back and forth with his trade demand, but isn’t that what you do when you are indeed upset? That’s why I believed him.


It was nice to see Marc Iavaroni finally get his opportunity. He put in 14 years as an assistant before finally getting his well-deserved chance in Memphis. I have reservations about the hiring of Billy Donovan in Orlando, though. And it is not about his ability to coach. I think he knows the teaching and coaching game very well, but he will soon see why Jerry Tarkanian, Tim Floyd, Mike Montgomery and Lon Kruger all failed at the NBA level. This is a players’ league and the first sign of weakness you show as a coach will be exploited to the fullest. I hope he succeeds because he definitely has a sincere passion for the game.

I am disappointed with the Pacers for hiring Jim O’Brien. I am tired of coaches who have been fired multiple and still get opportunities before qualified younger coaches. I don’t want to hear about how you wanted to get a more experienced coach, because you were willing to hire Rick Carlisle after he got fired from the Detroit Pistons, a team that made the Conference Finals. Mark Jackson should have been given that job. He is not only a great basketball mind, but also one the best leaders and motivators I have ever been around. Larry Bird and the Pacers really dropped the ball on this one. I am beginning to think that Larry Bird doesn’t want ex players that did not play with him coaching his team. I assume if Danny Ainge is let go in Boston he could supplant O’Brien when he is fired for the third time.

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