Welcome back, Joey

Welcome back, Joey


Welcome back, Joey

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Joey Crawford - Getty ImagesThe new season is upon us and the summer break will be officially over. All the training that the players have put in over the past few months will now be put to the test.

More great news… The reinstatement of ref Joey Crawford. It’s going to be interesting as he has long been considered among the players (or should I say some of the players) as a very fair guy. I know for a fact Doug really likes him and he says he was always able to ask him questions during game. He would always tell him, “Yes, it was a foul” with a smile on his face. Hopefully he and Tim Duncan can put all that happened behind them.

On a completely unrelated note, I find it sort of alarming that Europe may now be stealing talent from the NBA. Back in the day that was not the case, but now with Euro teams catching up it seems like American players are more interested in going there. Doug was getting calls at the end of last season and over the summer to join some of those Euro teams, but he decided to hold off and see what his future with the NBA is. Many others, like Chris Webber, are thinking of making the move. And it will speak in volumes if they do!

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