Turkish adventure

Turkish adventure


Turkish adventure

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James White - Icon Sports MediaHi guys. This is James White blogging now for HoopsHype.com. I’ll do it a couple of times per month while I’m playing in Turkey for Fenerbahce Ulker. Hope you enjoy reading me.

Some of you will remind me for my college career in Cincinnati and my stints in the NBA last season with the Pacers and the Spurs. I was released by San Antonio in July and chose to come overseas to make a living playing basketball here. It’s not the best possible situation because my dream always was playing in the NBA, but it’s still basketball and I’m going to do my thing for a Euroleague club. So you could say it’s kind of like the second best situation, right?

I’ve been here in Istanbul only for a few weeks so I’m still getting used to the place. The good thing is I have Willie Solomon (who played with the Grizzlies a few years back) on the team. Willie has been around longer so he tells me where to eat, where to get stuff and is very helpful when the language barrier becomes an issue with the other members of the team and the coaches.

Can’t say I’m doing much outside of practicing with the team. You get home, watch movies, talk to people back home… And that’s pretty much it. At least for now.

In case you were wondering, yeah, I received my championship ring. Well, in fact my girl received it. It’s a good thing to have and it was a very cool experience going through the playoffs with the Spurs even though I didn’t play at all. Just living in that atmosphere, watching how the veterans were able to handle all types of different situations… It was great. You learn a lot just being around. No matter how tough it was when they cut me, I’m going to keep good memories from my time there.

Will be back in a couple of weeks. Peace!

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