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First of all, I want to thank all the readers for paying attention to this blog and to those who wrote comments in the previous post for their support. It’s good to see so much people caring about what I do. I even enjoyed the comments from the haters!

Let’s go to basketball… Well, it’s been a nice ride for me since the last time I blogged here. I’m probably playing my best basketball right now and the team has been doing pretty well too. We won like eight or nine games in a row before we lost to Panathinaikos, who is the best team in Europe. At halftime, I thought we had a chance to beat them, but it was not to be. Anyway, I had a good game so at least I was happy with that.

Right now I’m feeling way more comfortable playing. People here were telling me it would take me more than a month to get used to the type of basketball that’s played over here and I guess they were right. It’s like I’m finding my niche – being active, rebounding and shooting well… One of the toughest things is adjusting to the new rules. Travelling… Aww. Refs here call traveling a lot. Sometimes you take the first step on the fast break thinking it’s going to be an easy basket and then you hear the whistle! Well, I guess I will have to adjust to that.

Another difference? Fans. They are just incredible. They come early and cheer the whole game no matter who we are facing. I played in San Antonio last season, you know. And no disrespect to people there (they are very loyal and all that), but Spurs fans are so used to winning that they are a little bit spoiled. They sit, watch and cheer sometimes. Here is a whole different story. There’s just much, much more passion.

Life off the court hasn’t changed much for me. I don’t go to a lot of places and it has a lot to do with the area of the city in which I live. I’m in the Asian part of Istanbul and most of the places to go are in the European side. That’s a big issue since the traffic here is absolutely crazy. If you want to go to the hot spots, you have to cross the bridge. And if you get unlucky you can get stuck in a traffic jam there for three hours. I’m not feeling that!

One last thing: You’d never imagine how much you miss American TV living abroad.

Talk to you guys later this month. Keep those comments coming.


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