Granger cashes in

Granger cashes in


Granger cashes in

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Danny Granger has reached an agreement with the Indiana Pacers on a five-year extension worth at least $60 million, Aaron Mintz and Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports told Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress/ The 6-foot-8 forward could get an additional $4 million if incentives are met.

“I appreciate how hard the Pacers worked on this,” Bartelstein said. “These extensions are tough deals to do, since you’re not dealing with a market place. Sometimes the thought process is that teams can just wait until free agency, especially when we’re talking about deals at these levels. The easy thing to do is to wait for next year. David Morway and Larry Bird worked really hard on this, they put a tremendous effort into this with me and Aaron Mintz. I think the result is the ultimate win-win for both sides. This is a great deal for Danny, since he won’t have this hanging over his head next summer, and on the other hand, I know this is something that important to Indiana.”

“Someone coming after Danny with an offer sheet next summer would have disrupted the whole franchise in terms of what they are trying to build. That could have really set the franchise back. This is a situation where both sides had a lot to gain by getting deal done now. David and Larry did a great job finding the middle ground, trying to find a deal that works for both sides. And there is no question that both sides are really happy. I think it’s a huge thing for their franchise to lock up a cornerstone like that, especially when you’re talking about a class act like Danny and everything he brings the team both on and off the court. Now Indiana can turn their focus to improving the team.”

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