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Kareem answers


Kareem answers

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Considering your current proximity to the game, your unique knowledge and your galaxy-wide panoramic view, is there any hope for Basketball purists that sound technique will return to the NBA? Will I ever see a properly run fast break again? A defensive stance? Will any big man anticipate and go to the glass instead of running at the man driving  with the ball?

— Jason R. / El Segundo, California

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The fundamentals that you mention will return to basketball when players entering the NBA are forced to deal with a learning situation in which they must develop a work ethic and grasp of the fundamentals.

It seems like Andrew Bynum’s growth has stopped this past year, even before his injury.  I get a sense that he is not open to being taught anymore… Can you shed any light on this? I was very disappointed when I heard he decided not to learn your skyhook. — Benny

KAJ: I think Andrew feels that he wants to make his own statement and he will do that by discovering how he can dominate in the league.

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