Brook Lopez: "Our goal is to be a very good playoff team"

Brook Lopez: "Our goal is to be a very good playoff team"


Brook Lopez: "Our goal is to be a very good playoff team"

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What has been the highlight of the summer for you so far?

Brook Lopez: The highlight probably has been the chance to travel. I’ve been travelling and having a good time.

How was the Team USA camp? Tell me a little bit about the experience.

BL: It was a great experience. It’s been short, but it was a great way to connect with other players and put me in a situation to make the team.

Who was the most impressive player there?

BL: I’d say it would come down to Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose. They are like the two best young players in the world. They definitely showed that at the camp and can take one of the spots on the team.

Do you feel like you surpassed expectations in your rookie year with the Nets?

BL: You know, I just did my best. I tried to learn and get better with each game and I think I came out a better player doing that.

You will probably be more under the microscope this season. Do you feel any added pressure because of that?

BL: I try to ignore those outside sources. I try to ignore what people say and focus on myself. You just have to stay hungry and be focused on what you can control on the court and not care about people’s opinions.

What’s going to happen with the Brook & Ryan Show this season now that Ryan Anderson has gone to Orlando?

BL: Well, we’re no longer teammates, but we’re going to play against each other four times a year. So we’ll have time to hang around and we can do stuff. We sure can do a few more episodes this year.

Without Vince Carter, what’s a realistic goal for the Nets this season?

BL: Our goal is to be a very good playoff team. We have really good young talent, but also a little bit of experience. So it’s a good combination and I think we can go somewhere.

What were your thoughts on the trade?

BL: It was difficult for me just because Ryan Anderson was my best friend on the team and helped me with the transition to the NBA. You just have to take it professionally. He’s going to a championship contender where he can play more to his strengths. As for myself, it allows me to have a bigger role next season.

Do you feel like this is your team and Devin’s team now?

BL: You know, I don’t really think there’s one player this team belongs to. I just think we can be a solid team and do good things year.

What kind of career do you think your brother Robin can have in the NBA?

BL: I think he’s going to be a great player. He’s more athletic than I am. Last year, he was stuck behind two future Hall of Fame players in Shaq and Amare. So this season he’s going to have a better chance of showing what he can do.

Who won the backyard battles at your house growing up?

BL: (Laughs) I’d say I always won the battles. But if you can ask him, you’ll probably get a different answer.

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