Shannon Brown: "I never doubted myself"

Shannon Brown: "I never doubted myself"


Shannon Brown: "I never doubted myself"

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Your team is 13-3 to start the season. It seems like there is not much to worry about in La-La Land?

Shannon Brown: Yeah, but we still need to try and get better every day. We are 13-3, but we do have a lot more games to go and we are definitely trying to get even better.

The second half of the game in Denver was possibly the worst half your team played this season. What have you learned from that game?

SB: I think we learn from every game, you know. Loss is a loss, whether you lose by three or 30. So, we also lost to Houston and to Dallas. We are definitely human, but we are also getting better every day.

Who do you see as the biggest contenders this year?

SB: Everybody. I mean, you gotta respect everybody. Out in the West, Denver is obviously doing their thing. I mean, there are a lot of teams that can come out and contend for a championship.

You are playing the most minutes of your career. How did you adapt to your new role?

SB: I’m just trying to get better every day. I just continue doing what I’ve done before and I try every day to be better at it. Never be satisfied, and be, you know, focused on basketball.

What is the one most important thing you learned playing with D-Fish?

SB: He means a lot to me. He’s been around the league a long time. He has four championships and he’s done a lot. For me to be able to play along with him and learn from him is big for me. He’s teaching me a lot, especially about this triangle offense – how to execute, how I can possibly attack when things break down, and stuff like that.

You are the only player who played both with LeBron and Kobe. How do you compare the two?

SB: I don’t. Kobe’s been in the league a lot longer than LeBron, and LeBron is a special player in his own right. I gotta lot of respect for both of those guys and how they approach the game.

Have you ever doubted yourself after changing four teams in four seasons?

SB: I never doubted myself. I just try to be harder and work harder and try to play to best of my abilities. As far as doubting myself, I was never doubting myself. I was just trying to figure out what this NBA is about.

Did you figure it out?

SB: I haven’t figured it out yet, but I think I’m on pace. I am steadily learning from these guys D-Fish, you know, Kobe, LO, Pau, these guys are looking out for me.

You can pick up the contract option after this year. Where do you see yourself and what role do you see yourself in next season?

SB: I don’t know. We still have a lot more games to play this season, man. That’s the last thing on my mind. I’m just trying to definitely get better every day and as an individual try to help this team win some ball games.

Do you follow your fellow Spartans?

SB: Oh yeah, yeah, definitely. They have just lost to Florida. That was a disappointment, so they came back and won big in their next game. I’m looking forward for the big ACC – Big 10 game when they play North Carolina again.

Do you think that Michigan State can win it all this season?

SB: I think they have a great shot at it. They just need to stay focused, you know. Coach Izzo always gets them ready. So it’s going to be a good fight.

Do you think that Coach Izzo would be a good NBA coach?

SB: I think so. I think he has to tone it down a little bit, but as far as his knowledge of the game and everything, he would be a great NBA coach. He’s already had a few offers and he turned them down, so I think he’d be a great NBA coach.

Any comparison between him and Phil Jackson?

SB: I don’t compare them. They are almost complete opposites, but with a lot of basketball knowledge.

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