This is not G

This is not G


This is not G

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I want to blame it on hip-hop and save Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton the trouble. I want to say the lyrics of a Gucci Mane, Lil’ Wayne, and/or Jay-Z song is the reasoning for their mindset, which innately propelled these two distinguished men into this situation. I would like to have that sweet “Just For Me” perm that Al Sharpton is sporting and place the blame on The Man. Maybe if they were at a club and got into an altercation because of the intake of alcoholic beverages all day the police can possibly be questioning Kesha who made the song “Music Tik Tok”. Maybe if Plaxico Burress didn’t shoot himself already this can just be swept under the rug?

Maybe if I wasn’t a past victim of gun violence cowardice I wouldn’t feel compelled to comment?

There are many theories as to what actually happened, but the one fact of the matters is that having a gun in your locker at an NBA facility is stupid! Now whether Gilbert did indeed try a scare tactic to avoid any ongoings from Javaris is neither fact or fiction to the public as of now. Does being an NBA player in one of the toughest crime-filled cities in the United States means you need extra security? Maybe. The fact is that both of these young men are role models and should act in such manner. But no one is innocent. Not even secret agents.

In closing, if true this has been a mistake that they’ve been blessed enough to walk away incident free. They must have been watching too many Yo Simmity Sam and Bugs Bunny re-runs.

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