Another good break for me

Another good break for me


Another good break for me

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Hi everybody!

It’s been a while since my last blog, but as you know I’ve been pretty busy. As in moving-to-another-city busy.

I’m loving my new situation. Getting traded to the Dallas Mavericks gives me a shot at the ring while I’m in my prime, so I’m obviously very happy about it.

That said, I’m going to miss Washington. That city was great for me in so many ways.

I want to make one thing clear first… I never asked to be traded out of Washington or anything like that. I was always professional with the team and I have to say the organization was very classy about the whole trade thing. They told me in advance the day of the trade deadline that something was going to happen. Although at the end of the day this is a business, they handled me well. They were very respectful and didn’t treat me like an ordinary player. That goes a long way with me. I’m grateful with the front office for that.

I’m grateful to a lot other people in Washington, in fact. That’s the thing I’m going to miss the most – the people. The relationships and the bonds that I created there are going to last a lifetime. I was very involved in the community and leaving all that behind was kind of hard.

As far as the team, it’s sad that we didn’t get an opportunity to finish what we started. We had a good thing going with Antawn Jamison, Gilbert Arenas and the rest of the guys. I was thrilled to be part of the foundation of the team there. In the end, it didn’t work for some reason and it made sense for the Wizards to trade many of us.

Gilbert is one of the few players remaining. I’ve been in touch with him to see if he’s doing well. He’s in good spirits. I wanted to let him know that me, my mom and the rest of my family are praying so that everything works ut well for him. We’ll always have his back.

They often ask me to compare how’s playing with Jason Kidd now as opposed to doing it with Gilbert. Well, they are both great players. Gilbert has always been a scoring guard and can do so many things with the ball in his hands. His thing is scoring. Meanwhile, Jason has a special gift… And that is making people better. I’m fortunate to be playing with a guy like him. I remember before my first game with Dallas, we had just one practice and I was already able to pick up some plays because of his knowledge of the game and his ability to teach us where we should be on the floor. He’s making the game and the adjustment to a new system a lot easier for DeShawn Stevenson, Brendan Haywood and myself.

We’re on a 13-game winning streak and we’re a threat to all teams in the NBA right now. We can compete against anybody. I’m looking forward to this challenge of trying to win the championship and feel truly blessed and thankful to God for giving me all these opportunities. I’m a lucky man.

Talk to you soon. Bye.

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