Aiming for history

Aiming for history


Aiming for history

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Hi everybody!

We’re ready for the ACB finals against my former team, Caja Laboral Vitoria.

We’re going for history. Period. Four big trophies in a single season. My motivation is being a great player on a great team. There’s a thin line between being a good team or a great one, so we’ve got to be fully prepared mentally and physically for this challenge that we have ahead of us.

Last year I was battling Barcelona. We played like 12 times. That’s a lot. We know each other very well. I know my ex teammates very well. This is already a classic.

I think I will go against Fernando San Emeterio. Definitely a very good guy. Played against him one-on-one in practice a lot… Also Walter Hermann, who played in the NBA… Great matchups.

I know a lot of people, the media, will focus on Tiago Splitter. We’ve got guys like Fran Vazquez, Boniface N’Dong… they can play good defense on Tiago. I know him very well, so I hope my tips on him will help them to stop him… Seriously, it will be a tough task. He’s one of the best centers in the world. Doesn’t matter he’s not in the NBA. And there are more good players in Caja Laboral. They have a few guys with Finals experience, and in Vitoria, with their amazing crowd, they can beat anyone.

During the regular season, we beat them by 28 and won by seven in Vitoria, so people may say this is going to be easy. You can say what you want on paper, but the games must be played. And that’s what I like about my team. We let the people do the talking. We play basketball to prove we are a great team and we respect the team we are playing with.

I was the MVP of the Finals a couple of years ago and Juan Carlos Navarro is the reigning MVP. For me, it’s about being aggressive. Attack mode. You know, like Mike Tyson in boxing! Full attack. It’s all or nothing.

Watching the NBA Finals, you see Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett as the more vocal leaders of their teams. Here, we don’t speak a lot. There’s no need for that because every player is ready to play the game. This is the heart of this team. We’ve got players like Victor Sada, who doesn’t play a lot, but when he comes out he can come up big, as he did in the Final Four in Paris.


I said the Celtics would win before the start of the season. I’m blogging before the third game of the series, but you can already see which team is the toughest. That team is Boston. The most skilled is the Lakers, but the defense, rebounding, physical contact… That’s what wins championships.

I say Celtics in six. We’ll see…

That’s all for now. Bye!

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