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Hi again everybody,

As you might expect, at this time of the summer I’m back to the basketball grind. For the most I’ve been in Washington DC and Racine, Winsconsin working on my body, doing a lot of agility stuff and working on my explosiveness.

Before training camp begins with the Mavericks, I’m going to spend four weeks with workout guru Tim Grover. It’s my first time going to work with him, but you know he’s good just by looking at the cast of players that have been trying to improve with him. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Gilbert Arenas have all spent time with Grover. There must be something to him, right?

Aside from the Tyson Chandler trade, my team has had a pretty quiet offseason. I’m not surprised. We had a great roster already. The management looked at the team and thought change wasn’t needed.

It’s not the only Western Conference team that acted the same way. Look at the Lakers or Nuggets. The Eastern clubs were much more aggressive, but I don’t think the West is the weaker conference now. It just looks a little worse because it has been so dominant for the last few years.

Obviously, the biggest news of the summer was the awesome free agent splash of the Miami Heat. Don’t understand why LeBron James has gotten so much flack, seriously. He was a free agent and had the power to make whatever decision he wanted to make.

Some may think that the ESPN show was a little over-the-top, but it was his prerogative to do what he wanted to do considering the notoriety that whole thing was getting. And, by the way, he donated the revenues from the show to the Boys & Girls Club. That’s a nice gesture that wasn’t talked about much.

I think it’s great for the game and great for basketball that LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are playing together. A lot of people are going to tune in just because those three great players have joined forces. Many will be watching to see them win and many more will be watching to see them fail. It brings more exposure to the game. Myself, I’m already looking forward to playing against them.

It’s too bad we’re not going to be able to see them this month with Team USA, but I understand it may be too much for them right now.

I was not contacted by USA Basketball, but I would have loved to play. Anyway, I’ll be watching and rooting for one of my UConn guys (Rudy Gay) and the rest of the squad.


When I was in Los Angeles with the Lakers, I was lucky enough to have Magic Johnson around. He was one of the guys I always looked up to. Not just as an athlete, but also because of the way he handled his post-playing career. I could see up close how much success he was having with L.A. Fitness, the movie theaters, the Burger Kings… So I decided to get involved in business myself.

I’m now the owner of several Burger Kings and have been doing pretty well so far. I have plans to get involved in more thing and looking forward to doing some business ventures with Magic. You can learn a lot from guys like that. Same with Mark Cuban. He’s one of the best owners in sports.

If you have the chance to be around entrepeneurs like that, you have to be intelligent and pick their brains because it can really pay off for you in the long term.

Will be talking to you soon. Bye!

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