Derrick Rose: "I'd hate to play against Boozer and Noah"

Derrick Rose: "I'd hate to play against Boozer and Noah"


Derrick Rose: "I'd hate to play against Boozer and Noah"

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You must be really excited about next season, right?

Derrick Rose: Oh yeah. We got a new team, great young players. I think now we have a chance to go out there and try to win every game.

Guess you’ve already talked with new coach Tom Thibodeau.

DR: He’s cool. He’s really a basketball coach – always studying, always in the office looking at film, making sure everybody is doing things right, making calls to every player before the season… That’s a good thing.

What does he want from you?

DR: Leadership, playing defense. That’s the main thing, to be really agressive. The city of Chicago will love him, because as long as you’re playing hard and playing agressive, they love that kind of play.

How’s the city after getting Carlos Boozer on board?

DR: It’s a frenzy, man. Everybody just can’t wait for the season to start. Everybody is there kind of bragging a little bit already, that we should have a chance to compete for the title.

On paper, the Boozer signing makes a lot of sense for the team.

DR: In the playoffs, you need a low-post presence, and he’s definitely that presence. You can’t play up-tempo the whole game, so you need him down in the paint and throw the ball to him. Now my job is just to spot up a little bit behind the three.

Talking about shooting threes, you’re into your third season and your shooting percentage is in the mid-20’s.

DR: I’m just working on threes. I’ll be shooting a lot of them this season, you’ll see.

How’s the Noah-Boozer duo going to work?

DR: It’s gonna be good. Joakim is a great guy like on the weak side, rebounding, tipping the ball. They’re gonna be monsters down there. They’re really gonna help us and be a threat. It’s gonna be hard for people to go against these guys because Boozer is really big and Joakim is always jumping around, so I’d hate to play against them.

Do you fear the Heat?

DR: Fear them? No. If anything, you want to play them. As a ballplayer, you want to play against the best. I know my team is ready to play.

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