Bye, Turkey

Bye, Turkey


Bye, Turkey

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I will start by saying it was one the most exciting experiences of my career so far to be in the World Championship. To be at the highest stage of basketball is amazing. Also, to be around the top players in the world and to see them and chat with them around the hotel was an unforgettable experience.

As the last buzzer of the final game went off, I realized that it’s all over and this great experience that every player wants to be in has come to an end. What was even harder to deal with is we couldn’t get a win in our group! It was hard to take for me because I want to win so bad. But it was great playing in our group because every team was on FIBA’s Top 12 – including Argentina, the No. 1.

I can’t even describe how much fun it was to play every night in this group. I’m very sad that it’s all over, but I’m very proud of everyone on my team. Our coaching staff did a wonderful job getting us ready to play night in and night out. If we, the players, didn’t make the mistakes we made we would have still been playing in the World Championshp right now.

I think the U.S. has a great shot at winning the tournament, but they have to start playing a lot better. Team USA needs to move the ball around more because it’s not the NBA here. There is no illegal defense. You are giving the other team the advantage if you keep running isolation plays. I like Turkey. They are deep and they are playing great basketball right now. The teams to look out for are Serbia and Argentina.  It’s going to be fun watching the upcoming games and see who is going to come out on top.

Anyway, it’s time to move on to the next step in my career and hope to find a team that I can help with my leadership as a point guard. I’m hoping somewhere in Europe. It’s going to be tough to sit around and wait, but I believe God will bless me with the right job.

Thank you to HoopsHype for allowing me to blog about this great experience and share it with everyone.


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