Marc Gasol: "I don't really think about free agency"

Marc Gasol: "I don't really think about free agency"


Marc Gasol: "I don't really think about free agency"

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What part game do you think you have improved since you been in the league?

Marc Gasol: For me, the whole game has slowed down a lot. The first year everything was happening so fast. I played professionally five years before coming here but the NBA is a little different than the ACB in Spain. Everything happened really fast on the floor and now things have slowed down a lot. You are able to get your shots and are able to see a lot more stuff, the passes the guys are making. You are able to see more while on the court.

You are a restricted free agent after this year and your name has been mentioned with teams that could use a center. Do you think about it much?

MG: Not really. Of course, you guys remind me a lot about it but that is your job. When that time comes up I will put all the cards on the table and see my options and make a decision. Right now, it’s too soon for that and the good thing about my situation is that nobody can talk to me now about it and I have no concerns, no worries, I just have to play basketball, which is what I really like.

How much pride have you taken in playing for Spain’s National Team?

MG: A lot. Everybody wants to play for the National Team over there. It is always a very competitive team and we’ll see how the summer goes and whether there is a work stoppage or not, whether I have a deal or not and I’m healthy or not. You always want to play.

Do you worry about a potential work stoppage?

MG: I am not worried but we are all prepared for what is coming and it is time to stick together as players.

How weird was the fact that you were traded for your brother Pau when the Los Angeles Lakers sent your rights to Memphis in acquiring Pau?

MG: It wasn’t so weird. I wasn’t really here. I was in Spain. I didn’t even know if I would come over at the time. I was playing for my team in Barcelona. I didn’t think I would come over so I was just happy for him.

You have become a better player after losing weight. How important was that?

MG: You feel a lot better and can get through games easier and don’t get tired. And especially, you don’t get as tired as the season goes along. The legs are a lot easier and I am not so tired the day after a game.

What is that you learned the most from being in the NBA?

MG: No game in the NBA is over until the end. Any bad game or loss, the next night or two nights from then, you get a chance to redeem yourself.

One knock people have on you is that you’re too unselfish and should be more aggressive looking for your shot. How do you respond to that?

MG: It’s hard. I always try to take the best shot on court and if somebody has a better shot and the play is there, I don’t think that it’s me who has to take the shot.

Are you happy you did decide to play in the NBA?

MG: Definitely. At first I wanted the chance to compete against the best players in the world and see where I was at and now is the next step.

What in your game needs to improve?

MG: A lot of things. I have to be more aggressive, work on my all-around game.

With the lack of dominant centers, you are mentioned as one day being a potential all-star. Do you think about that?

MG: No. We have the playoffs in front of us and have to win games to get in the playoffs and the All-Star is really not a concern.

What have to do to get that playoff spot?

MG: Try to be consistent in what you do. Do it for longer period of times during games. You have to win games you are not supposed to. Last year we had a better start and fell off right about now. This year we have learned from that experience and I think we will be able to turn it around and become the team we were at the end of last year.

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