I'm getting closer

I'm getting closer


I'm getting closer

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Hi everyone,

Trade deadline passed and our team didn’t make any changes. Dirk Nowitzki was happy about it and so am I. I’m just looking forward to getting healthy within the next month.

The day of the trade deadline was good. I did what I always do. Worked out, did some rehab… You can’t control what’s going to happen so you have to do what you have to do. Talking to your agent is not going to change anything.

As for my knee, rehab is going well. Real well. I’m working hard, running on the treadmill, in the water, riding on the stationary bike (I’m an active rider during the offseason, by the way!), shooting on the court with spot shots. I’m really feeling a lot better!

People ask me when I’ll be back. Well, the sooner the better! I think I’ll get cleared to start doing pretty much everything in the next two weeks, so once I get cleared to do that then it’s a matter of conditioning and trying to get the rest of my game.

I know it’s being a hard, long process but what keeps me in good spirits is seeing the team winning. Watching those guys play well and winning games is a beautiful thing.

Looking at the schedule, we still have to play one game against the Spurs and two games against the Lakers. Of course we want to play great basketball, you want to get home court, but you can’t forget that all games count. Even the games that are not against the Top 10 teams. We just won in Philadelphia, we are on a nice streak and we want to continue winning.

About the CBA discussions, it’s something I will look at when something happens. All I can say is that basketball is doing great. The game is great and I just want to focus on basketball. I’m sure everything will take care for itself.

Playing overseas is something I will look at if the lockout happens. But, for now, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Talk to you soon. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. Bye!

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