On my departure from the Los Angeles Times

On my departure from the Los Angeles Times


On my departure from the Los Angeles Times

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In a personal note, I’m delighted to be back at HoopsHype, which I dropped at the insistence of my paper, the Los Angeles Times, before it told me I have to stop writing for them, too.

This is a sentimental journey for me. It’s the last story I’m typing out on my Times laptop, a trusty (?) Dell Latitude D420, before dropping it off (sob) today, along with my ID card.

Actually, I’m totally cool. I’m not upset with the paper, or any more than I was. For all our internecine skirmishing and bitching, I spent 32 years working alongside, everyone in the sports department, having more fun than we realized, and/or wearing them out, for which they almost all forgave me, I think.

I was only going to work one more season and I just got paid through April. As far as I’m concerned, I just got martyred (sports writer version, not Joan of Arc), with severance!

I plan to keep writing here, for Truthdig.com and who knows where?

I’m thinking of doing my Sunday page and put it online to see if anyone’s interested.

If you are, let me know at my new Twitter handle, @GoodAMLakerdom. I’m doing personal chats with the first 10 followers, assuming I get that many.

It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when things change.

I hate writing about the lockout. I assume readers hate reading about it, or, in a wise move, are giving the whole thing a pass while the billionaires work it out with the millionaires.

On the other hand, I love to write and I loved writing this.

In any case, the NBA isn’t coming to an end and neither, happily for me, am I.

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