TweetBag: Why no more LeBron in labor talks?

TweetBag: Why no more LeBron in labor talks?


TweetBag: Why no more LeBron in labor talks?

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Q: Why isn’t @KingJames standing side by side with the players during all these labor talks? – Dwayne_Palmer

A: It’s a lose-lose situation for LeBron. It he gets involved, he’s a greedy millionaire that doesn’t want to lose any money down the road. If he’s not, he doesn’t care about fellow players. I can see why he was visible during labor talks, but not deeply involved. It was a good middle point to me. Besides, he probably cares more about building his brand than about what CBA comes out of this, but that’s true for many other players.

Also, keep in mind this lockout is also a PR battle. Not sure if the union wants one of its faces to be the most vilified athlete in the NBA. Remember George W. Bush during John McCain‘s presidential campaign? Something like that.

Dwayne, maybe we should ask this question about Kobe Bryant. There’s no other player with more clout than him and his word would have probably carried more weight than anybody else’s in front of the NBA owners.

Q: Let’s say the players vote to accept the deal. Will the lockout end? – AlexSmithies1

A: It would be incredibly humiliating for the players and the union – not to mention David Stern – if they take Stern’s latest offer and then the owners don’t want to ratify it. I liked this tweet from Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski the other day. Sums things up pretty well.

“Owners had won labor deal by 30 points but want to keep press on, throw alley-oops, win by 40. Hey, someone’s going to give a hard foul here.”

The hard foul has not come yet, but what other option would the players have if the owners are not content with this?

Q: What are some of the best non-NBA basketball options for fans if the season is canceled? – blueeyedboy33

A: It’s the Euroleague, no question. It’s a great competition right now and would be even better with an influx of talent from the NBA should the season get canceled. High-level basketball is played every week in the Euroleague, but it’s not what you would call flashy. NBA stars would add to the entertainment part, which is usually lacking. Defensive-oriented, overcoached basketball is prevalent in FIBA play, sadly. By the way, the first three MVPs of the Week there have been NBA players – Andrei Kirilenko, Nicolas Batum and Jordan Farmar.

Q: Do you see Luis Scola getting along with Kevin McHale? Was he the best coach they could get? – Matias

A: They should get along well. I think Kevin McHale can see a lot of himself in Luis Scola. Like McHale, Scola has little athleticism, but gets it done with skill and a lot of heart. I don’t believe there’s many people that believe he’s the best coach Houston could get, though. Most would have stuck with Rick Adelman. McHale has little coaching experience, but the big names get the good jobs very often. That’s how it works. And there are not many names bigger than McHale’s in NBA history.

Q: If there’s a season, do you think Phoenix trades Steve Nash? Do they buy out Vince Carter’s contract? – Octo3737

A: It’s pretty much a given that Phoenix is going to buy out Vince Carter’s contract. The Steve Nash decision is going to be interesting, though. Robert Sarver faces a big backlash if Nash gets traded. It may be the best decision looking forward, but a very tough pill to swallow in the short term. People love Nash and with good reason. He’s a tremendous player and has great personality off the court. Sarver has been behind many bad moves by the Suns in recent years and has also been one of the most unpopular figures during the lockout. It’s definitely going to be a gutsy move by Sarver and Lon Babby if they move him, especially if there’s no previous request from Nash. A lot of fans would give up on the team.

That said, if you’re a Nash fan, you want him to finish his career with a franchise where he has a shot at the ring. That’s very unlikely to hapen in Phoenix.

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