Arron Afflalo: "I don't think there's a better place for me at this time than Orlando"

Arron Afflalo: "I don't think there's a better place for me at this time than Orlando"


Arron Afflalo: "I don't think there's a better place for me at this time than Orlando"

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How did you find out about the trade to Orlando?

Arron Afflalo: Actually I was in Barcelona and found out on the Internet pretty much [laughs].

Have the Magic reached out to you?

AA: No, not yet. Probably because of the time difference and the phone situation, it's been difficult. I'll be back in the States soon.

So are you happy about it?

AA: Yeah, I'm happy. I just wanted to thank the Denver organization, the teammates that you play with, the fans, but I think it's a great opportunity there in Orlando from a player standpoint. With the coaching change and the management change, I think it's a great time to be a part of the organization.

You have been to the playoffs since you entered the NBA. That's probably not going to happen in Orlando next season. How is it going to a rebuilding situation?

AA: Well, you never know. You have to get there and play the game. I don't know what the expectations are from the fans, people around the league, or the media… But I fully expect to win every time I step on the court. So you never know. Playoffs kind of take shape throughout the year. I don't think it's a definite that a team will not make the playoffs.

In Denver and Detroit, you were mostly focused on defense and three-pointers. Are you expecting a bigger role in Orlando, getting more opportunities on the offensive end?

AA: Of course. I plan on being the best player I can be, period. I'd love to continue to grow as a person and as a player offensively and defensively. Personally I don't think there's a better place to do it at this time than Orlando.

This is going to be your second trade. When you were traded to the Nuggets, how did you take it at first?

AA: That was just something that was probably necessary for me at the time, considering the Detroit players who were under contract and playing ahead of me. This time that I've been traded, I have a much better opportunity to continue to grow. And from that standpoint I'm happy.

Why do you think Denver was such a good fit for you?

AA: My teammates and the style of play. But more importantly, it was just me wanting to grow and become a better player regardless of the situation I was in.

Why do you think George Karl was such a big fan of your game?

AA: Probably me wanting to be a good defensive player. A lot of times in the NBA guys are really interested in scoring the ball and scoring the ball only. I'm always taking pride in trying to be a complete player. When I came to Denver I was very excited to try to take on the role as one of the better defenders, not only just on the team but in the league, period. I thing they just really appreciated that.

What have you been working on the most this offseason?

AA: Just my body and my overall game. I have five years of experience at the NBA level now and I kind of understand what it takes to perform at the highest level. Just my overall skillset, but most importantly my body.

How would you compare this offseason to the last one?

AA: Obviously with my contract situation and the lockout situation all at once, it was difficult. This season you know what to expect and you can plan your workouts to be in the best condition for the season.

What do you know about new coach Jacque Vaughn?

AA: He played at Kansas, I was always a fan of his game, he was a good point guard. He's come from great teaching under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. He's got the mental aspects of the game figured out from a player and coaching standpoint. They wouldn't have hired him if they didn't believe so.

You had a career-high in scoring last year. Does it make you feel better that you were able to prove your worth after signing the big contract?

AA: It's just a process. I've always personally felt that I've got to continue to get better. So I expect to improve not just offensively but defensively as well and from a leadership standpoint. Every year that's my goal: Push my talent as far as I can go.

Do you have any message for the fans in Orlando?

AA: I'm excited. It's definitely a new day. I'm very happy and appreciative of the opportunity to be there and represent that city to the fullest.

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