Terrence Ross on the dunk contest

Terrence Ross on the dunk contest


Terrence Ross on the dunk contest

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USA TODAY Sports ImagesYou promised a lot of highlights to the Raptors' fans during you career… And you weren't lying at all.

Terrence Ross: Yeah, yeah that's what I'm trying to, bring a lot of highlights for the Raptors' fans. I'm doing fine, practicing hard and trying to improve my game every day and help the team to win.

How are you getting ready for the dunk contest?

TR: I'm just practicing hard, just working the dunks I think I should be able to do at the contest. DeMar [DeRozan] is helping me, Rudy [Gay] is helping me a lot. DeMar is giving me some good advice on how to do some dunks and improve on my score while getting the crowd on my side.

Who is the best dunker at the All Stars?

TR: I would say [Michael] Jordan and [Dominique] Wilkins, those two were the best.

Can you shortly describe your opponents on the dunk contest? Let's start with Gerald Green.

TR: Exciting.

James White.

TR: High-flying.

Eric Bledsoe.

TR: Surprising.

Jeremy Evans.

TR: Electric.

Kenneth Faried.

TR: Powerful.

Are you disappointed you won't play the Rising Stars Game?

TR: No. Not at all.

Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo said that he sees a lot of Michael Finley in you.

TR: Yeah, I agree.

You attended Jefferson High with Terrence Jones… Do you keep in touch with him? Do you talk about adapting to a new lifestyle?

TR: Yeah, we talk, but we don't talk about basketball, it's just more off the court stuff. The most difficult part about the NBA lifestyle is obviously travel: flights, hotels…

Any tips about your performance in the contest?

TR: Nah, I won't say anything. I want to keep it under wraps until the event.

Terrence Ross is giving away a signed pair of game-worn and dunked in shoes to the fan with the most clever dunk idea. Tweet a video of what you got using #RossShallDunk

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