Five coaches who might just go insane this month

Five coaches who might just go insane this month


Five coaches who might just go insane this month

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Every year it happens. Grown men in suits, devolving into children before our very eyes.

Maybe they yell something ridiculous at a referee, taking off their blazers as they get escorted to the locker room a tad early. Or, maybe, they froth at the mouth like a violent three-year-old, thrashing about while their assistants try in vain to remind them that their wives are watching.

There's a reason they call it March Madness, folks, and in the spirit of these very powerful men being reduced to very powerful babies, The UPS Store® is helping us count down the 5 coaches most likely to absolutely lose it.

Like, all of it.

1) Jim Boeheim (Syracuse): He’s more of a whiner than a yeller, so he doesn’t get ejected as often as some other coaches. But Jim Boeheim will work an entire crew of officials from the opening tip until the final buzzer. He doesn’t care if his team is winning; the Syracuse coach just likes to complain.

2) Rick Pitino (Louisville): When your team is the overall No.1 seed, there is nowhere to go but down. Expectations are high for the Cardinals and Pitino isn’t opposed to laying into a referee. This guy has gotten technical fouls for screaming at his own players before and he loves to get mad, even when his team is blowing out its opponent. Clearly he has the ability to get thrown out of a game.

3) Buzz Williams (Marquette): First and foremost, his name is Buzz. He is probably still mad about that. His Eagles played the 12th toughest schedule in the country so he’s probably a little tired. But his shirt and tie combos usually have an aggressive pattern, so trust that Buzz is always ready to go.

4) John Giannini (La Salle): When you’re the underdog team and you have the “us against the world” mentality, it is easy to get wrapped up in all the madness and get over emotional. If the Explorers shoot the way they did in the second half against Kansas St. again, you can assume that coach Giannini will lose his mind.

5) Andy Enfield (Florida Gulf Coast): With a former Maxim and Victoria’s Secret model for a wife, this guy has no reason to ever be upset in his entire life. But March does strange things to people, so keep an eye on Enfield and see if the pressure of the tourney is too much for the coach who is already a huge winner in our books.

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