Robert Horry: "Dwight Howard would have no chance against Olajuwon"

Robert Horry: "Dwight Howard would have no chance against Olajuwon"


Robert Horry: "Dwight Howard would have no chance against Olajuwon"

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Are you happy that the Kings are staying in Sacramento? I think you have a lof of fans there.

Robert Horry: [Laughs] The fans are great there, I'm really happy. I was hanging out with Mitch Richmond at the NCAA Final Four and he was mad. He was like, "Hey man, what are they going to do about my jersey?" And I said, "They are just going to move it too." I'm happy to see the Kings staying in Sacramento but still, I want Seattle to have a team again. It was a great place to play, they have great fans… It's crazy to see the team they once had is now a championship-caliber team.

Everybody talks about your miracle three-pointer against the Kings back in 2002, but you always talk about that first time you hit a winning shot.

RH: Yes, I made the basket in the final seconds of the first game of the Western Conference Finals against the Spurs in 1995. For me it was an importante shot me because I was 0-for-4 but still had confidence in myself and shot the ball. If your teammates believe in you, you have no fear to take the shot. And that was the big key for me, that my teammates still believed in me and passed me the ball. That was a very important shot for my clutchness, sort of [laughs]. That shot gets overlooked because of the work The Dream put on in the Alamo. Dream came out with some stuff we never had seen.

Talking about clutchness… Let's say with the game on the line, you are injured so you have to pass the ball to a teammate to hit the winning shot. Which other four players would you like to have on the court to seal the deal?

RH: I'm going to name you current players: First of all I have to go with Kevin Durant, then Carmelo [Anthony] is such a great player down the stretch, then Kobe [Bryant] and LeBron [James]. And out of those four, the one you have to be more scared of is LeBron because you don't know if he's going to shoot, drive or pass. Well, with two to three seconds, I would pass the ball to Durant and Kobe, six seconds to Carmelo because he will wait a little bit more, but he'll definitely shoot it, if you have more time I'll pass it to LeBron.

What's your take on the Finals?

RH: I don't know, to be honest with you. I thought Miami would win but told all my friends that the Grizzlies would be the surprise team to win it all… But the Spurs are playing really well. Tony Parker is playing at a whole new level, but the key are those other guys like Kawhi Leonard. People don't understand that you're going to need someone other than the big dogs to go out and perform.

Why has this Big Three stayed together for such a long time without ego battles and management never tempted to break it?

RH: It's a thing called loyalty to certain players in sports. Those three players are loyal to the franchise and the franchise is loyal to them. Plus you've got a guy who doesn't really care about money in Tim Duncan. He knows that in order to be successful you've got to sacrifice and they sacrificed their wallets for the better of the team. And people don't recognize that. 

You said recently that Kobe has had a better career than Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal. But what if Tim wins a fifth ring like Kobe?

RH: I would still pick Kobe. Tim is great, but I tell everybody this: Look at this from the GM perspective. Who's going to sell tickets, put the people in the arena? Tim? Nah, not so many [laughs]. Don't get me wrong, he's going to win, but he won't draw so many people to the arena.

Getty ImagesYou always say great things about Hakeem Olajuwon, that he would kill it if he had the chance to play nowadays and be the best center by far. What about Dwight Howard?

RH: Dwight would have no chance [against Olajuwon]. Howard is a good player, but his offensive skills are limited. He only has the Georgetown hook, a couple of spins in the baseline… Dwight is a great player, but there are things certain players can and can't do, and Hakeem could do a lot. 

About what you're doing currently… Did you sell your Texas mansion?

RH: Yes sir, I finally did [laughs].

And what about The Robert Horry Center for Sports and Physical Rehabilitation?

RH: The clinics are going really well. I merged with University General Hospital and the sports clinics are going really well. A lot of patients enjoy what we do because we are a very family-oriented business. 

And what can you tell us about the Ashlyn Horry Foundation?

RH: Well, it's going pretty well. We try to do as much as possible to give back to the community and pass along the knowledge, because that's the biggest key: what my daughter had [1p36 Deletion Syndrome] was so rare, and every case is different. That is very important for me that this foundation helps parents and kids who have this syndrome.

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