Catching up with Nick Minnerath

Catching up with Nick Minnerath


Catching up with Nick Minnerath

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USA TODAY Sports ImagesHow are the workouts going?

Nick Minnertah: It's been going great. I've got eight workouts so far, the last one with the Sacramento Kings. Just before the draft there's the chance I could work out with the Milwaukee Bucks and maybe the San Antonio Spurs.

Which one has been the best for you?

NM: I thought it went really well in Philadelphia when I was there with the Sixers. But I think every workout has gone well, I showed what I can do in every workout.

How have the interviews gone?

NM: Well, in Philly and in Detroit we had good sitdowns after the workouts. It was a lot like I expected. A lot of personal information, stuff like that. None of the questions surprised me, I was prepared for it. They know what you can do in basketball, they want to know about your personal life, your background.

Did you feel people were paying a lot of attention about your past?

NM: They definitely had questions, but you know I'm not afraid about telling the truth and telling them the story, how far I've come and things like that. Those types of questions don't really surprise me.

You would like to inspire youth people with your story, getting through those dark times?

NM: Yeah, that is something that I would love to do. You should never give up on your dreams. You always dream about it when you're a kid but then that dream kind of fades… I barely played high school basketball and then you don't go to college… But then things like junior college can re-spark that dream inside of you.

How was your life during those days without basketball?

NM: Well, you know when you barely play basketball because of grades… Basketball where I'm from just is not taken as seriously as other places in the country. Going to college we didn't have college recruits at the games, things like that. When you leave high school and you don't have any college scholarships or anything like that, your dream dies pretty quick. But with the help of family, two years later I was able to get my life back together and get back into it. 

And then good things happen. You were honored at Calihan Hall during Detroit Mercy's senior night last February

NM: Yeah, it was definitely a very special night, to have my family at senior night at Calihan Hall.

How many tattoos do you have and what do they mean to you?

NM: Well, I lost count a long time ago. They all have a story, a lot of inspirational stuff, a lot of quotes, a lot of them were designed by me.

Can you share one of those inspirational quotes?

NM: One of them is 'Life is what you make of it'.

Let's talk about your game: What can you tell us about your offensive skills?

NM: I definitely have confidence on my ability to shoot the ball and run the floor, I think those are my biggest strengths. There's no question that defense is something that I'm trying to show people that I can play better than they probably thought I could. I'm just getting more used to it, guarding forwards. You know, during the year I kinda had to play out of position for our team, guarding centers for most of the year. I wanna show people that I can play defense at that level.

Do you see yourself maybe as a stretch four in the NBA?

NM: Yeah, no question. A three or a stretch four.

Do you feel you can make it and get picked in the second round?

NM: Throughout the workouts I definitely felt that I have what it takes to play in the NBA and I'm just hoping for the opportunity and hoping somebody gives me that opportunity.

If you aren't drafted, would you rather play in the D-League or abroad?

NM: I haven't really thought about that. If I don't get drafted, D-League or overseas will be a decision after the draft.

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