Plenty of Americans in FIBA tournaments

Plenty of Americans in FIBA tournaments


Plenty of Americans in FIBA tournaments

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FIBA - Rubie Edmondson - USA Today
In a momumental upset, Taiwan beat China in the quarter finals of the FIBA Asia tournament last month. The main responsible for the win was Los Angeles-born Quincy Davis. Davis finished as the fifth-best scorer in the tourney, followed by Seattle's Chester Giles, who played for Bahrain, and Floridian Jimmy Baxter, who acquired his Jordanian citizenship this summer.
Euroleague star Bo McCalebb, a native of New Orleans, is leading a potent Macedonian team at the Eurobasket, which started Wednesday. He was the top scorer at the 2011 edition. McCalebb could end up facing fellow point guards Dontaye Draper (Croatia), Ricky Hickman (Georgia), Zach Wright (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Tyrese Rice (Montenegro) and Pooh Jeter (Ukraine).
You get the picture.
American-born players representing other countries is a growing trend in FIBA competitions and often becomes a central factor in the outcome of these tournaments.
Per our research, when all FIBA competitions in advance of next year's World Cup come to an end this month, 66 players born in the United States will have represented 37 different countries.
While some have legitimate ties to the nations they represent – namely those playing for Nigeria, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic – many of them are hired guns that often had not previously set foot in those countries – something McCalebb admitted on the record during his torrid run with Macedonia at the Eurobasket a couple of years ago.
The trend is especially troubling in Asia, where five teams out of 15 at the intercontinental competition had U.S. players as leading scorers.
Full data below.
Reggie Moore PF 6-7 Leemore, Califonia Angola Afrobasket
Chester Giles C 6-11 Seattle, Washington Bahrain FIBA Asia
Zach Wright PG 6-2 Austin, Texas Bosnia-Herzegovina Eurobasket
Larry Taylor PG 6-1 Chicago, Illinois Brazil FIBA Americas
Derek Durham PG 5 10 Kansas City, Missouri Burkina Faso Afrobasket
Andy Rautins SG 6-4 Syracuse, New York Canada FIBA Americas
Brian Rudolph PG 5-11 New Bedford, Massachusetts Cape Verde Afrobasket
Avey Oliver SG 6-4 Fall River, Massachusetts Cape Verde Afrobasket
Shane da Rosa PG 6-0 Pawtucket, Rhode Island Cape Verde Afrobasket
Tony White PG 6-0 Knoxville, Tennessee Central African Republic Afrobasket
Dontaye Draper PG 5-11 Baltimore, Maryland Croatia Eurobasket
James Feldeine SG 6-4 New York, New York Dominican Republic FIBA Americas
Karl Towns C 7-1 Piscataway, New Jersey Dominican Republic FIBA Americas
Ronald Ramon PG 6-1 Bronx, New York Dominican Republic FIBA Americas
Edgar Sosa PG 6-2 New York, New York Dominican Republic FIBA Americas
Ricky Hickman PG 6-2 Winston-Salem, North Carolina Georgia Eurobasket
Michael Bramos SG 6-6 Harper Woods, Michigan Greece Eurobasket
Obie Trotter PG 6-2 Robertsdale, Alabama Hungary Eurobasket Qualifying
Alex Tyus PF 6-8 St. Louis, Missouri Israel Eurobasket
Travis Diener PG 6-1 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Italy Eurobasket
Jonathan Kale C 6-8 Mattapan, Massachusetts Ivory Coast Afrobasket
Weyinmi Rose SG 6-5 New York, New York Jamaica

FIBA Americas

Akeem Scott PG 6-1 New York, New York Jamaica FIBA Americas
Durand Scott SG 6-5 New York, New York Jamaica FIBA Americas
Patrick Ewing Jr. SF 6-8 Boston, Massachusetts Jamaica FIBA Americas
Garfield Blair SG 6-5 Orlando, Florida Jamaica FIBA Americas
JR Henderson C 6-8 Bakersfield, California Japan FIBA Asia
Jimmy Baxter SG 6-4 St. Petersburg, Florida Jordan FIBA Asia
Jerry Johnson PG 6-0 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Kazakhstan FIBA Asia
Bo McCalebb PG 6-0  New Orleans, Louisiana Macedonia Eurobasket
Paul Stoll PG 5-11 Ingham, Michigan Mexico FIBA Americas
Orlando Mendez SG 6-1 San Antonio, Texas Mexico FIBA Americas
Jovan Harris SG 6-3 Oakland, California Mexico FIBA Americas
Roman Martinez SF 6-6 El Paso, Texas Mexico FIBA Americas
Lorenzo Mata PF 6-8 Huntington Park, California Mexico FIBA Americas
Tyrese Rice PG 6-1 Richmond, Virginia Montenegro Eurobasket
Sean Cunningham SG 6-2 Los Angeles, California Netherlands Eurobasket Qualifying
Casey Frank SF 6-8 Port Jefferson, New York New Zealand FIBA Oceania
Ben Uzoh PG 6-3 Houston, Texas Nigeria Afrobasket
Richard Oruche SG 6-4 Oak Park, Illinois Nigeria Afrobasket
Jamal Olasewere SF 6-7 Silver Spring, Maryland Nigeria Afrobasket
Stan Okoye PF 6-6 Raleigh, North Carolina Nigeria Afrobasket
Chamberlain Oguchi SG 6-6 Houston, Texas Nigeria Afrobasket
Al-Farouq Aminu SF 6-9 Atlanta, Georgia Nigeria Afrobasket
Alade Aminu C 6-10 Atlanta, Georgia Nigeria Afrobasket
Andy Ogide PF 6-9 Marietta, Georgia Nigeria Afrobasket
Ike Diogu PF 6-9 Buffalo, New York Nigeria Afrobasket
Gani Lawal PF 6-9 College Park, Georgia Nigeria Afrobasket
Jim Alapag PG 5-9 Los Angeles, California Philippines FIBA Asia
Gabriel Norwood SG 6-4 Fayetteville, North Carolina Philippines FIBA Asia
Marcus Douthit C 6-11 Syracuse, New York Philippines FIBA Asia
Thomas Kelati SG 6-5 Walla Walla, Washington Poland Eurobasket
Ramon Clemente PF 6-7 Queens, New York Puerto Rico FIBA Americas
John Holland SG 6-5 Bronx, New York Puerto Rico FIBA Americas
Renaldo Balkman SF 6-6 Staten Island, New York Puerto Rico FIBA Americas
Daniel Santiago C 7-1 Lubbock, Texas Puerto Rico FIBA Americas
Richard Chaney SG 6-5 Long Beach, California Puerto Rico FIBA Americas
Jarvis Hayes SF 6-6 Atlanta, Georgia Qatar FIBA Asia
Cameroun Bradley SF 6-5 Berrien, Mississippi Rwanda Afrobasket
Kenneth Gasana SF 6-6 Texas Rwanda Afrobasket
Lee Seung Jin PF 6-9 Bothell, Washington South Korea FIBA Asia
Erik Rush SF 6-5 San Jose, California Sweden Eurobasket
Quincy Davis C 6-8 Los Angeles, California Taiwan FIBA Asia
Pooh Jeter PG 5-11 Los Angeles, California Ukraine Eurobasket
Reque Newsome PF 6-8 St. Petersburg, Florida Uruguay FIBA Americas
Donta Smith SG 6-7 Louisville, Kentucky Venezuela FIBA Americas

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