Clippers questions (and more)

Clippers questions (and more)


Clippers questions (and more)

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– Players from the Clippers and the rest of the NBA teams were branded as cowards after their silent protest against Donald Sterling. Do people understand that the players elected mayor Kevin Johnson to speak on their behalf to commissioner Adam Silver and demand the maximum punishment allowed under the bylaws? Do people understand that they were giving Silver time for his due process and were fully prepared to go on strike and not play if the punishment was less than it should have been? That's not cowardice… That's intelligent and strategic.

– Has anyone seen any articles of writers taking back their words after calling the players cowards? I sure have not.

– They're not going to allow Donald Sterling to sell the team to his wife, are they? That would really be insulting.

– Do people forget that she was in the discrimination lawsuit in 2003 as well? Weren't they more of a racist, discriminating team?

– If Sterling fights this in court – every indication has been that he will – and this drags on, what happens if he still hasn't sold the team by the start of next season?

– Why exactly was the case with Elgin Baylor thrown out? Did he settle or what exactly made it go away? And even if he did settle, did that mean that he was innocent in the NBA's eyes?

– Why exactly did Mark Cuban have an issue with Donald Sterling being removed as CEO of the Clippers? Was the "slippery slope" he kept referring to simply because he didn't want to possibly get in trouble for one of his statements? Didn't really understand his objection.

– Why on earth would the Golden State Warriors fire Mark Jackson? He turns that entire organization around he is rewarded by being fired?

– Shouldn't the Knicks be on the phone right now calling Mark Jackson for their head coaching job?

– Why hasn't Lionell Hollins been rehired as a coach yet?

– Will the Wizards be able to keep both Trevor Ariza and Marcin Gortat this offseason?

– Doesn't it seem like Larry Bird always gets a pass on any criticism of the Indiana Pacers? Didn't everything start going downhill after the Pacers traded Danny Granger?

– If Carmelo Anthony does leave (and I'm not saying he should), is there any other place besides Chicago or Miami that would make sense?

– Did Mike D'Antoni really expect the Lakers to pick up his option or was that just a way for him to have an excuse to quit? Didn't he quit on the Knicks back in the day? How do quitters get additional coaching opportunities?

– Why is LaMarcus Aldridge so underrated?

– Doesn't it feel like the media is really trying hard to pull the Oklahoma City Thunder players apart?

– Just as any player can be suspended from a team and the only reason given be "conduct detrimental to the team" shouldn't the rest of the employees of the NBA – including Presidents, GMs, and CEOs – be held to the same standard? 

– Is Adam Silver going to get booed at the NBA draft like David Stern always did? For some reason, I don't think he is going to have that problem.

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