David Morway: "Larry Sanders is in our future plans"

David Morway: "Larry Sanders is in our future plans"


David Morway: "Larry Sanders is in our future plans"

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You were in Seville attending the World Cup and watching Giannis Antetokounmpo, right?

David Morway: Yes, watching Giannis and also scanning the other teams in Seville.

Which players have impressed you the most at this World Cup?

DM: The Greek team has a number of players. The big guy [Ioannis] Bourousis, he plays very well. Gorgui Dieng also played really good with Senegal. Obviously, the Argentine team has [Luis] Scola and other veteran players, but I've seen really good young players.

Is Larry Sanders in the team's future plans?

DM: Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. Larry is in our future plans. We are hopeful that this year Larry gets back to being the basketball player that he was two years ago. He is a defensive presence and a game changer on the court. So when you have his length along with Giannis, Jabari Parker, John Henson and then Zaza Pachulia, Damien Inglis, who is very long, and if you play Khris Middleton at the two… We are a fairly long team. We've got good experience with OJ Mayo, Jerryd Bayless… And we like Kendall Marshall. So we are excited for next year.

What about OJ Mayo? He was out of shape last season.

DM: Last year OJ got sick and had some things wrong, but I think he's had a good summer. He is expected to be healthy and ready to go.

What are you looking for in the way of roster moves?

DM: Well, I think we are pretty much done. We've got 15 guaranteed [contracts] right now, so I think we are done. We like our young team. We just added Jared Dudley in a trade with the Clippers and got a first-round pick, so we added a little bit of experience. Now, we're very excited to continue to grow and develop this team. We have Giannis, Jabari, John Henson, Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, Nate Wolters, Johnny O'Bryant, Damien Inglis… So we have a lot of young kids.

What do you expect from Jabari Parker?

DM: He is a very good player. It's going to take some time. He is only 19 years old, like Giannis, but he is very skilled. Jabari understands that it's going to take some time to learn the NBA game. We know he is a very, very, very good player.

What happened with Caron Butler?

DM: Caron was terrific for us and we wanted to give him the opportunity to win.

Are you excited about the Jason Kidd hiring?

DM: Jason is great to work with and he is an excellent communicator. So we are excited that Jason is a part of our organization.

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