The highest-paid point guards in NBA history

The highest-paid point guards in NBA history


The highest-paid point guards in NBA history

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chauncey billups det

10. Chauncey Billups: $106,727,720

Was traded three times in his first two and a half years in the NBA and signed a free agent contract that paid him less than his rookie deal. It was not an auspicious start for Billups in the league, but he ended up becoming one of the premier point guards in the game and got paid like one.

mike bibby

9. Mike Bibby: $108,460,745

His trade from the Grizzlies elevated the great Sacramento Kings of the early ’00s to the status of championship contenders. One of the best players never to make the All-Star Game, Bibby made most of his NBA money thanks to a seven-year, $80.5 million contract signed in the aftermath of the controversial 2002 Lakers-Kings series.

tony parker

8. Tony Parker: $133,384,021

Parker passed on the possibility of richer deals (and bigger stats) to contend for the championship year after year in San Antonio. One of the most dominant point guards in the last decade, the Frenchman has never been a Top 30 player salary-wise.

deron williams

7. Deron Williams: $133,998,174

There was a time when Deron Williams was in the mix when discussing the top point guard in the game. Then he was moved to the Nets and, soon after, his name was in the mix when talking about the worst contracts in the NBA.

chris paul

6. Chris Paul: $137,520,153

Deserves every penny he’s made in the NBA. Turned the Hornets into a respectable team and the Clippers into a contender. The Clips are due to pay CP3 $47 million the next two seasons and he probably has another huge contract left in him. When it’s all over, Paul will probably be the highest-paid point guard in league history.

gilbert arenas

5. Gilbert Arenas: $139,145,256

Went from woefully underpaid his first two seasons in the NBA as a second-round pick to becoming one of the highest-paid basketball players without actually playing anymore. Had just 55 games with the Wizards (and 121 overall in the NBA) after signing a six-year, $111 million deal in 2008. Yes, that’s almost $1 million per contest. It’s widely regarded as one of the worst contracts in American sports history.

baron davis

4. Baron Davis: $142,216,423

Davis is staging a comeback in the D-League and almost certainly is not for the money. The former Hornet/Warrior/Clipper/Knick/Cav made eight figures a year for an entire decade.

steve nash

3. Steve Nash: $146,936,620

The Canadian legend was No. 50 in the salary rankings his first MVP season in Phoenix and No.47 during the second one. Doesn’t come much cheaper than that. Partly made up for that with his last deal with the Lakers, when his wheels were totally falling off.

stephon marbury

2. Stephon Marbury: $155,668,845

A star who was paid like a superstar for much of his prematurely finished NBA career. Made more money than Shaquille O’Neal, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady or Allen Iverson in 2007-08, for example.

jason kidd

1. Jason Kidd: $185,928,968

The undisputed best point guard in the NBA in the change of the century. His combination of talent and longevity made for huge financial gains. Had a salary above $5 million for 15 straight years, something few players have accomplished.

Source: HoopsHype Salaries and Basketball-Reference. Ranking includes 2015-16 salaries.

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