The highest-paid power forwards in NBA history

The highest-paid power forwards in NBA history


The highest-paid power forwards in NBA history

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zach randolph

10. Zach Randolph: $165,124,765 in 15 seasons

A big man with scoring and rebounding skills like Z-Bo was always going to get paid in the NBA. May have another good contract left in him.

amare stoudemire

9. Amare Stoudemire: $165,683,566 in 14 seasons

Landed max deals in both Phoenix and New York and deservingly so. Declined early and is playing on a minimum contract in Miami these days.

chris bosh

8. Chris Bosh: $166,241,883 in 13 seasons

The 11-time All-Star is worth every dollar he’s made in the NBA no matter what his haters say.

elton brand

7. Elton Brand: $168,229,324 in 17 seasons

Clippers owner Donald Sterling wasn’t known for rewarding young talents (or anybody, for that matter) with big contracts back in the day, but he made one of his first exceptions with Elton Brand, who’s still making NBA money in Philadelphia on a mentor role.

jermaine oneal

6. Jermaine O’Neal: $168,794,021 in 18 seasons

Averaged 3.9 ppg his fourth year in the NBA, but became a full-blown star in Indiana when given a chance to shine… and made a buck out of it.

pau gasol

5. Pau Gasol: $171,151,156 in 15 seasons

Has been flirting with 20 and 10 ever since he came from Spain in 2001. Took a big pay cut in free agency a couple of years ago, but is still going strong and playing at an All-Star level.

chris webber

4. Chris Webber: $178,230,697 in 15 seasons

Was an underappreciated star on the court (selected to the All-Star only five times), but not financially.

dirk nowitzki

3. Dirk Nowitzki: $220,371,800 in 18 seasons

You can tell he didn’t care about money as much as others. Passed on many endorsement deals and took pay cuts in Dallas that many wouldn’t.

tim duncan

2. Tim Duncan: $240,320,601 in 19 seasons

Superstar that gave his team a hometown discount so he could be surrounded by better talent. Not a sound business move, but really paid off on the court.

kevin garnett

1. Kevin Garnett: $335,872,398 in 21 seasons

The labor tensions that followed his unprecedented $126 million contract in 1997 paved the way for the 1998 lockout. Became the league’s highest-paid player at age 24 and has continued to cash in big well into his thirties.

Source: HoopsHype Salaries and Basketball-Reference. Ranking includes 2015-16 salaries.

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