The highest-paid shooting guards in NBA history

The highest-paid shooting guards in NBA history


The highest-paid shooting guards in NBA history

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penny hardaway

10. Anfernee Hardaway: $120,433,571 in 14 seasons

Signed a huge deal as a rookie and kept making big money till the end of a career derailed by injury. A two-time All-NBA 1st Team early on in Orlando, Hardaway was worth every penny of that rookie deal.

michael finley

9. Michael Finley: $135,059,612 in 15 seasons

Before Dirk Nowitzki, there was Michael Finley. While Dirk grew into the player we now know, Finley carried the Mavs on his shoulders and got paid handsomely. A well-rounded swingman with both strength and finesse, he was the highest-paid Mav for five seasons.

allan houston

8. Allan Houston: $138,275,250 in 12 seasons

Made $57 million in the three final years of his contract with the Knicks while scoring a total of 237 points (didn’t play at all during the last two). Houston was a fine shooter who took care of his body and saw his career cut short by injury, but he was wildly overpaid too.

vince carter tor

7. Vince Carter: $155,393,315 in 18 seasons

Tracy McGrady‘s cousin stayed in Toronto a little longer and became an icon of the league making top dollar in the process. Stopped making eight figures per season four years ago.

dwyane wade 4

6. Dwyane Wade: $155,647,665 in 13 seasons

Has left money on the table so the Heat could recruit superstar talent to join him in Miami. The gamble has paid off for Wade championships-wise.

allen iverson sixs

5. Allen Iverson: $157,785,070 in 14 seasons

Made eight figures for nine straight seasons, but was never among the Top 4 in the NBA in salaries at any time during his career. With all the endorsement money coming his way, that should not bother him too much.

tracy mcgrady orlando

4. Tracy McGrady: $162,462,073 in 15 seasons

It was crystal clear for the Magic that Tracy McGrady had superstar talent, so they gave him a superstar contract which turned out to be a pretty good one. With Grant Hill often sidelined due to injury, T-Mac was unable to deliver playoff success in Orlando, but he lived up to that contract and then some.

ray allen sonics

3. Ray Allen: $183,356,410 in 18 seasons

Was making threes in bunches before making threes in bunches became a trend. His contract peaked at $17.4 million in 2008-09, when he was one of the Top 13 NBA players in salary.

joe johnson miami

2. Joe Johnson: $196,061,971 in 15 seasons

The perennial All-Star only once made an All-NBA Team, but was paid like one of the top stars in the game regardless. Johnson has made well over $20 million each of the past three seasons and he’s not done cashing in.

kobe bryant fans2

1. Kobe Bryant: $328,238,062 in 20 seasons

Kobe Bryant led the NBA in salary each of the past six seasons while obviously not at his best in terms of performance. The second-best shooting guard ever made a lot more in the NBA than No. 1.

Source: HoopsHype Salaries and Basketball-Reference. Ranking includes 2015-16 salaries.

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