Which NBA teams have the most championship experience?

Which NBA teams have the most championship experience?


Which NBA teams have the most championship experience?


In our latest research, we looked up the number of champions in five major basketball competitions (NBA, Olympics, World Cup, Euroleague and NCAA) on league rosters right now.

Some interesting takeaways:

* There’s only one NBA team with at least one champion in each of those five competitions. You will not be surprised to know that squad is the mighty San Antonio Spurs.

* In terms of NBA championship experience, no one beats Cleveland’s roster – which makes sense since they won last season and for the most part kept the team together.

* Warriors players combine for a league-leading five Olympic titles. The lone Golden State star without one is two-time MVP Stephen Curry. The also lead the league in world championships – meaning FIBA World Cups – with five golds.

* Knicks are No. 1 in at least one department – most college success (on the court). Joakim Noah, Carmelo Anthony, Lance Thomas and Marshall Plumlee have a combined five NCAA titles.

* There’s eight teams without a single NBA champion on roster: Philadelphia, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, Boston, Indiana, Brooklyn and Orlando.

* It gets worse for the Magic: They are the only squad without a single champion in any of the five competitions we’ve researched.

* Of the 450 NBA players, only 56 have a championship ring. That’s just 12.4 percent of the league.

* There’s 33 Olympic gold-medal winners in the NBA right now (all but Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola are North American, obviously), 36 college basketball champions, 22 world champions and a mere seven players with a Euroleague title.

Full data below.

Key: Number of players who have won those titles in parentheses.






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