NBA A to Z: Kevin McHale talks about everything

NBA A to Z: Kevin McHale talks about everything


NBA A to Z: Kevin McHale talks about everything

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TNT analyst Kevin McHale joins Sam Amick to talk about the hot topics around the league. They talk about the internal strife with the Chicago Bulls and McHale discusses his thoughts from a coach’s perspective and some of that might surprise you.

They then talk about the Cleveland situation where LeBron James says he needs a playmaker. McHale said that he would’ve loved to play with a guy like LeBron and goes on to say that LeBron isn’t necessarily hitting on the correct problem for the Cavaliers.

They talk about the Celtics and how they’re a scrapping team. McHale gives his thoughts on how good Isaiah Thomas has been this season and the coaching job Brad Stevens is doing.

They go out West and talk about the Houston Rockets, the team Kevin used to coach. They hit on the job that Mike D’Antoni is doing with the team. He gives his opinion on what chances the Rockets have to go deep in the playoffs. They talk about Kevin’s time in Houston and how it ended.

They talk about how good Russell Westbrook has been this season and how Kevin didn’t think someone could average a triple-double and is amazed at what Westbrook is doing.

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