Ranking best NBA playoff teams' t-shirts

Ranking best NBA playoff teams' t-shirts


Ranking best NBA playoff teams' t-shirts

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Thousands of free t-shirts are given out to fans attending NBA postseason games. Which shirts stand out?

Todd Schneiderman is the vice president of sales for SomethingInked, the company creating the majority of the shirts given out during the NBA and NHL playoffs. Every NBA team must submit their tagline by March 1.

According to a recent story published by SI.com,ย Schneiderman has worked with teams to collaborate on these phrases. Below are the shirts from each of the NBA teams in the postseason, ranked.

1.) Memphis Grizzlies

If you don’t know the source of “Take That For Data” then treat yourself to this incredible rant from Grizzlies head coach David Fizdale.

This had become a mantra of the postseason and the shirt will inevitably be a collector’s item shirt for Memphis fans. The company who makes these shirts is based in Tennessee, so it makes sense that the Grizzlies would lead the rankings for best design.

2.) Milwaukee Bucks

(Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

Is it clear these shirts belong to the Bucks? Absolutely not. But it earns a ridiculously high ranking because it’s oddly fashionable.

Perhaps it might be bizarre to wear an antlered animal on your t-shirt. This one passes the NBA threshold and could be worn by anyone.

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