Andrew White: "I can shoot well enough to help a team"

Andrew White: "I can shoot well enough to help a team"


Andrew White: "I can shoot well enough to help a team"

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After a five-year, three-team college career, Andrew White is trying to work his way into the NBA. The former Syracuse guard is eager to show he’s more than just a shooter and feels confident about his options.

How’s your life after college?

Andrew White: Everything is well. As soon as my season ended, I started up pre-draft training. I did most of it at Raleigh, North Carolina, with Drew Hanlen. And then the past few weeks I’ve been with Tyler Relph at Dallas. I’ve made a lot of improvements. My team workouts, up to this point, have gone really well. I’ve been really confident with this process. So it’s gone smoothly so far.

You’re right now in the middle of a very unique process. How’s that experience going so far?

AW: The experience is going really well so far. I’ve worked out for four teams.  My agent has gotten really good feedback from all four teams. I think it’s been a good opportunity for me to kind of show what I have improved on during the course of the spring – some things off the dribble, extending range and defense. I’ve been able to get in there and show my defense ability which is something I’ve been excited about. I just performed well all the way across the board and that it got good feedback it’s encouraging me a lot through all the process

What are those four teams you have work out for?

AW: Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Lakers.

Was there any team you were especially excited to work out for?

AW: I felt really good with all four actually. I think they’ve all been impressed with my defensive abilities and I think, after they saw me, they all thought I was better that what they have anticipated. And that kind of beat my review of months ago, so I feel really good about those.

You’ve been known during your college career as a shooter. What other things have you shown NBA teams?

AW: I think I have shown some good defensive ability since this past season I was at Syracuse. What I’m trying to impress teams with the most is my defensive ability. So that’s been an area of emphasis, and doing a little more off dribble, but not trying to completely change my game. I just want a couple of options for when I need to use some things off the bounce to get on the three-point line.

Do you check mock drafts during this process?

AW: I haven’t checked mock drafts since the workouts started. I was on most of them. I kind of saw where I was slotted, but I know that they change pretty regularly. Hopefully, the decision-makers can look at me and give me more value than what I was slotted in the mock draft. So I don’t put too much stock on it. I just try to control what I can control, so I haven’t seen it much in the last month of so.

What do you think you can bring to an NBA team at this point of your career? Do you think you can have quality minutes right away?

AW: I think that I can bring an NBA team a high IQ and maturity on and off the court. As far as on the court, I think that I can come in right now and I can shoot well enough to be able to help a team. And I think that, by the time the season starts, I’ll be able to come in and do well defensively. So I think I can come in on any team, be able to make shots and be able to defend my position.

Is there any player you’re excited about playing against in the NBA, or with him if you end up on the same team?

AW: I can’t think of anyone in particular. I’m just looking forward to being at that level, just trying against the best talent in the world every night. It’s something that I’m excited about. So obviously, you get to see everyone and that’s something I’m looking forward to.

Do you have any kind of plan B in case you don’t get an opportunity in the NBA?

AW: When the draft comes, find a team that will take me and just figure out what the best situation is for me. Like I said, I’m confident that I’ll be picked by a team at some point. So my plan B is just to stay as positive as possible. So I haven’t pinpointed a plan B yet since it’s not plan A decision-time yet. But I’m confident that a good situation will come out of this.

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