My text-message conversation with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie while watching Game 2 of the Finals

My text-message conversation with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie while watching Game 2 of the Finals


My text-message conversation with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie while watching Game 2 of the Finals

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Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie is one of the most entertaining NBA players on social media these days. His text message game is strong too. I know because Sunday night I went back and forth with him on a lot of subjects like Game 2 of the Finals, all-time NBA greats and, of course, Iron Man suits.

Here’s the transcription for your enjoyment:

Spencer Dinwiddie: It’s dope Kerr is back, just being a part of the NBA fam for so long, everybody happy for him.

Hard not to like him/root for him. Notice how many people now dislike the Warriors and their stars, but not Kerr?

SD: Very true. I mean, that came when media made Bron a sympathetic figure. LOL. Basically turned Curry from humble to cocky, and then with the addition of KD they basically became the Evil Avengers teaming up against Superman.

That’s a lot of work for LeBron. If one guy can pull it off, that’s him, though.

SD: LOL. We gonna find out. Ball pressure and a layup to start says he’s ready. Good start for LBJ.

Tell me about the first time you had to guard a LeBron drive. One must feel pretty hopeless.

SD: I’m pretty sure, he was on the break, I was a rookie in Detroit and we had been instructed no weak fouls because of how strong he is, so I basically just tackled him 😂

Damn, Love killin’.

The ring did wonders for his confidence. He would have taken so much heat if Cavs don’t win last season.

SD: Yeah, that’s true. Being able to play free and without a mental burden is so understated in our profession.

Are you friends with any of the guys in the Finals? (12-5 since Kerr timeout, BTW).

SD: I’m friends with JaVale‘s sister, Dahntay, and to a lesser extent Curry. (15-5 now LOL).

How did you become friends with Curry?

SD:  Worked out with him once when I was going into my junior year, then he reached out when I got hurt.

Curry is a nice guy. Not sure why some people dislike him. It’s like we have a need to build people up, then bring them down. How many times have we seen that with star athletes?

Warriors getting to play in the open court too much.

SD: How do you stop that, though, if you are turning it over getting shots blocked, etcetera?

Did you know KD finished No. 9 in blocks in the regular season? They are just so good on both ends of the court.

SD: Actually I didn’t.

40-34 at the end of the first quarter. That was a halftime score in the Finals 10-12 years ago.

SD: Testament to Cavs too they had a 30-plus first quarter too.

That’s what the three-point shot/analytics/more court space/better athletes will do. Rule changes as well.

That was key. So much better basketball these days. For those who advocate for physical, old-school basketball, I would suggest they go and watch Spurs-Nets/Spurs-Pistons Finals again. That was TOUGH to watch.

SD: Yeah bro. It’s a lot more entertaining for sure. I’ve said this before but basketball, just like most things in life, follows a natural course of evolution. We’re better players than they were overall.

That Klay three was deflating.

Saw the CJ McCollum tweet on Klay the other day?

SD: Yeah, I don’t know. Personally, I wouldn’t leave if I enjoyed playing with them, money can always be made.

He would be a No. 1 guy for half the teams in the league. Agree or disagree?

SD: Depends on how the team is structured. Because of his playmaking limitations, he’s probably not built to be a No. 1 guy even though he might be the team’s best player. But at the same time, he’s also probably the ultimate 3-and-D 1B you could have in the NBA right now.

That’s the beauty of this Finals. You have two probably Top 5 PGs, the two best SFs. And then a bunch of guys who are perfect for their roles around those pieces. Their team construction is special.

SD: LOL. 90 percent of the league can shoot open shots. That’s why it’s hard to just leave people open, Draymond can shoot.

What’s with the turnovers?

SD: Wardell a little careless right now.

Kerr timeout. Another scoring run?

SD: We shall see, probably just chops up Cavs’ momentum at this point, though. Probably go into half up 8.

I was not optimistic this was going to be a close game. But this is pretty good so far. Though Warriors can break your back with a scoring run at any moment.

SD: Just like last one was at halftime. Bron is deliberately putting an insane amount of pressure on the rim.

Your take on the MJ-LBJ debate?

Kareem’s super dominant years came at a time when the NBA was not that popular. That hurts his standing among all-time greats. Also, not a media darling. Especially during his playing days.

SD: Very true. All those things play roles in all-time debates. The league needed the Dr. J/Magic/Bird rivalry and MJ‘s rise. These things helped set the stage and the platform for us to be the global game it is today.

Exactly. Quick question… You see a guy like Jared Dudley who has turned a solid NBA career + strong/entertaining social media presence into a budding media career… Is that something that’s appealing to you? You’re one of the smart/fun NBA players on Twitter. Any ambitions in that field?

SD: I always thought of a broadcasting career post-NBA as something to do if I needed to make money because it would allow me to be close to the game if I somehow felt my career to be incomplete and needed to fill that emotional hole, but it’s not an actual passion for me (at least right now) as it is for some guys.

My interests and hobbies are different than that. I love Twitter because of the difference in opinions, I enjoy the banter. But it’s much easier for me to see myself going to culinary school or taking engineering classes to try to dedicate myself to building an Iron Man suit if I find myself with an abundance of time after my career is over.

Elaborate on the Iron Man suit! (Another comic reference, by the way).

SD: That was very serious. If I’m done at 35 or so and I’m blessed to have a ton of money and the resources, that’s what I’m going to attempt to do.

You will have to start earlier. By the time you’re 35, Silicon Valley has already figured out the Iron Man suit thing.

SD: If I have to start earlier because I’m not in the league, I will. But I’m not gonna sacrifice my first true passion for a hobby. And that’s very true… If they have, then I’ll have to figure out either how to make it better or what to do next LOL.

Andre Iguodala is a tech investor, by the way. He can be your angel investor.

SD: That would be dope. An all-NBA sponsored Iron Man suit.

Pray for that to happen.

SD: Thanks, man LOL. I do on occasion. But for now, it’s usually to become a starter and lead my team to Finals wins.

Do you think you start next season?

Back to the game… Cavs pretty resilient today, no?

SD: Closer than I anticipated. I thought close after the first quarter, <10 at halftime, 15 or so after the third quarter. Then battle back, but lose by 12-15 where it wasn’t really as close as the score.

That Klay three after a terrible pass that should’ve been a steal is a back breaker.


SD: Welp, maybe I was right then LOL.

Was that the Steph dagger?

We’re in a time where LBJ is challenging MJ’s legacy, but got outplayed by KD. And the best shooter of all time was on the floor, playing against the best ballhandler of all time. And last but not least, another Top 5 shooter of all time.

Draymond gets to yell more than anyone.

Any trash talk exchange with you?

SD: Nah, my trash talk is usually dry and sarcastic, so I’m more irritating than like downright disrespectful. So the responses I get are usually not that explosive LOL.

Korver really is the American sniper.

Give me an example of a player with no athleticism but still a great defender because of those traits you mentioned. First who comes to mind?

SD: Steph the first one, honestly. Patrick Patterson would probably be another off the top of my head.

Kevin Durant has five blocks. Cavs only one. How about that?

SD: Yeah, KD’s evolution as a rim protector has really helped the Warriors.

Don’t think Cavs have another comeback in them. It’s all gone south for them since we said they were resilient tonight.

SD: Game time. Curry ended it.

In your opinion, what’s more likely right now? Warriors sweep or Cavs win the title?

SD: Warriors sweep.

Did you hear JVG talk about Kareem?

Missed that. What did he say?

SD: Just that people don’t talk about him enough when discussing GOAT.

At least he’s getting more respect as an intellectual. I read all articles he writes.

This was fun, Spencer. The chat, not the second half. Let’s finish this… What needs to happen for Cleveland to have a chance in Game 3?

SD: LOL, I feel you. Honestly, they’re built to play a fast style akin to the Warriors, but they have to slow it down. They won’t be able to consistently sustain that high level of offense quarter to quarter. Maybe one or two quarters they can do it, but not all four. Especially when Bron rests. Limit second shots by the Warriors. Can’t turn it over. And gotta win the rebounding battle.

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