LeBron James' wife wants to live 'full-time' in Los Angeles

LeBron James' wife wants to live 'full-time' in Los Angeles


LeBron James' wife wants to live 'full-time' in Los Angeles

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Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James also has a home in Los Angeles. According to one report, his wife wants to live there full-time.

James will become a free agent at the end of the 2017 season and many have connected him to the Lakers or the Clippers. If his wife Savannah Brinson has anything to say about the decision, one report indicates she wants to head to Southern California (via Bleacher Report):

Cleveland’s loss in the 2017 NBA Finals has led Lakers officials to hear more whispers about James’ interest in a final chapter in Los Angeles, where his wife would like to live full time, per sources. The Lakers have long known the appreciation James, who grew up a fan of the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys, holds for their iconic brand.

NBA front offices also believe James could leave for the Western Conference. In fact, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski believes James could be interested in the Lakers or Clippers because “his business interests, his Hollywood aspirations, his media ventures” are based in Los Angeles.

Less than two years ago, James purchased a $20 million mansion in Brentwood. The home is approximately 13 miles from Staples Center  He and his wife were married in nearby San Diego.

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