Best and worst outfits from the NBA Awards Show

Best and worst outfits from the NBA Awards Show


Best and worst outfits from the NBA Awards Show

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During the inaugural NBA Awards Show, many of the players at the event made fashion statements on the red carpet. These are the highlights.

Draymond Green

From head to toe, Green had perhaps the most provocative look from the main stars at the NBA Awards show. His shoes were pirate-themed and he was wearing shorts. But who could blame him? It’s hot in New York this time of year. As for the pirate shoes, well, that was a bold decision.

John Wall

Wall has had some exciting fashion moments recently, including wearing a camouflage cape to a postgame press conference. While this look was not technically camouflage, it could have been considering his red suit blended in well with the red carpet. The red shoes were a nice finishing touch.

James Harden

Harden had an interesting look on Monday night. The shirt and jacket may not have matched but his decision seemed intentional. Similarly, his necklace added a bit of necessary flair for the MVP candidate.

Russell Westbrook

Westbrook is known for occasional outlandish fashion decisions. For this event, however, he was a bit more conservative. With his glasses on, some might think he even looked like the most hip college professor you’ll ever have.

Malcolm Brogdon

Brogdon won the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award but his outfit was not exactly much to write home about. He looked as if he was running a political campaign.

JaVale McGee

Say what you want about JaVale McGee and, specifically, make fun of his rat tail haircut. But at the end of the day, he’s now officially an NBA champion.

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