Baron Davis thinks he could average 12 and 6 in the NBA

Baron Davis thinks he could average 12 and 6 in the NBA


Baron Davis thinks he could average 12 and 6 in the NBA

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Former NBA star Baron Davis tweeted lofty expectations for a return to professional basketball, but doubters and critics may prove correct.

Unfortunately for Davis, history is not on his side. Only one 38-year-old player in the history of the league has averaged at least 12 points with at least 6 assists per game. Steve Nash, during the 2012-13 season, had 12.7 ppg with 6.7 apg in 50 games.

Meanwhile, just two other 38-year-old players besides Nash have put up 10 points per game with 5 assists per game: John Stockton (2001) and Michael Jordan (2002).

Neither player was coming off the significant hiatus Davis would face, too, considering he has not stepped foot on an NBA court in five seasons.

In fact, during his return to the D-League in 2016, he didn’t even match this stat line. While he averaged 12.8 ppg, he only recorded 3.5 apg in six games for the Delaware 87ers.

The last time Davis recorded at least 12 points per game with 6 assists per game was in 2011. However, he did reach this milestone ten consecutive seasons when he was active in the league.

Of course, Davis may have better luck participating in Ice Cube’s Big 3 league. They sent a pitch to him via Twitter.

The two-time NBA All-Star spoke was recently asked about three-on-three basketball (via The Source):

“I feel itโ€™s good, I think 3-on-3 as a sport is picking up you know it has its own rules and its own platform and you are starting to see a lot of big-time people get in on it. I think whatย Ice Cubeย is doing with the BIG 3 is dope. What Mountain Dew is doing with the BIG 3 is lifestyle oriented for the people so the culture is there.”

The confidence is nothing new and perhaps warranted. Davis also tweeted he could complete a windmill dunk if he practiced for three weeks.

Below is a highlight tape of Davis putting on a clinic at the Drew League in Los Angeles last month.

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