Kevin Durant calls former teammate Dion Waiters his 'first born'

Kevin Durant calls former teammate Dion Waiters his 'first born'


Kevin Durant calls former teammate Dion Waiters his 'first born'

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Dion Waiters re-signed with the Miami Heat but his former teammate Kevin Durant decided he would take credit for all of the money earned.

Durant spoke about his former teammate signing with the Heat (via YouTube):

Should I take full credit for Fly Dre getting paid? Probably not, but I will anyway. You’re welcome dre. Dion, My first born.

This is not the first time Durant and Waiters have had a public exchange. Last season, Waiters hit an electrifying game-winner for Miami against Golden State and celebrated accordingly.

Waiters shot a career-high from three-point range last year. He also had a career-high in rebounds as well as assists and his 15.8 points per game were nearly identical to his career-high in 2013-14.

In an article published in April 2017, Waiters spoke openly about the way former teammates like Durant and LeBron James helped him develop into the player he is today (via The Players’ Tribune):

And remember, my first five years in the NBA, I played with some of the best in the game. LeBron, KD, Russ. I’d see these guys every day. And you know I wasn’t just playing … I was competing. When I got to OKC, me and K.D. were together every day. Kev used to think it was funny, because when we got in the gym and played 1-on-1, I was trying to kill him. Straight up.

In this story, Waiters was open about how he would often beat Durant when they played one-on-one basketball. Waiters played 125 games for the Thunder, when Durant was on the team, from 2014 until 2016.

This kind of competition, while not the reason Waiters signed his recent deal, did aid in his development.

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