Avery Bradley may not be a long-term solution for Detroit Pistons

Avery Bradley may not be a long-term solution for Detroit Pistons


Avery Bradley may not be a long-term solution for Detroit Pistons

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The Detroit Pistons traded for Avery Bradley this offseason and, as such, renounced the rights to two-way guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Bradley will play a similar role as both an offensive and defensive presence for the Pistons. Detroit decided not to pay Caldwell-Pope approximately $90 million and commit to him long-term. Instead, the front office was able to flip Marcus Morris to Boston in exchange for Bradley.

The former Celtics guard is in a contract year. While players often will perform to the best of their ability as they try to prove their ultimate value, the Pistons know he may not be their long-term solution (via Basketball Insiders):

Sources close to the process believe that Detroit traded for Bradley knowing full well it would be very expensive to retain him beyond this season; however, if he is everything they hope he’ll be, they have no issues paying him.

Bradley is one of the most respected defenders in the league (as numerous players recently told HoopsHype) and he provides genuine value as a scorer as well. If he performs well, his new team will likely want to offer him a huge contract to stay beyond this season.

However, he will likely have a long list of potential suitors. He was linked to the Los Angeles Clippers, where he would play for former Celtics coach Doc Rivers, in trade rumors.

The Los Angeles Lakers also expressed interest in Bradley before eventually deciding on Caldwell-Pope. It’s worth mentioning his former agent is Rob Pelinka, who is the new general manager of the Lakers.

Other franchises around the league will surely have an interest in him as well.

It’s unlikely Bradley would consider a contract extension with the Pistons knowing the open market will offer more money as a free agent. The most they could offer him for the next six months is two more years for $19 million.

While rookie Luke Kennard could end up filling the role if Bradley leaves Detroit after one season, there are a few other options for the Pistons. They could trade Bradley and receive some value back for him if they get the feeling he’s not going to stay on a long-term contract. Similarly, they could have a great deal of financial flexibility in the offseason to sign someone else to a long-term deal. He can offer immediate value to his team and help on both sides of the ball. But it’s unclear how long he will stay.


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