LaVar Ball has shot to prove basketball skill against Ice Cube at BIG3

LaVar Ball has shot to prove basketball skill against Ice Cube at BIG3


LaVar Ball has shot to prove basketball skill against Ice Cube at BIG3

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The BIG3 season comes to a close on Sunday night. Snoop Dogg will play one of the halftime shows. So, too, will famed NBA dad LaVar Ball.

Ball will participate at Staples Center on Sunday during the final day of the BIG3 regular season. BIG3 founder Ice Cube challenged Ball to a 30-foot shoot-off, worth four points in the league, at halftime.

The iconic rapper and entertainer said he would buy Big Baller Brand shoes for Ball’s entire AAU team if the outspoken basketball father could beat him in a “four-point challenge” in Los Angeles.

While accepting the challenge, Ball said he could hit the shot with his eyes closed. However, while filming a video of him taking a shot in his backyard, he did appear to miss it despite pretending otherwise.

In a recent interview, Ice Cube called the challenge “cool entertainment for the fans” and said Ball would not change the on-court performance or the games.

Ice Cube also added that he loves what Ball is doing and has said he respects him for telling the world how much faith he has in his son. He compared the upcoming shoot off to an NBA halftime show of a unicyclist tossing plates over their head. He said Ball is not a gimmick.

“He’s not affecting the credibility of BIG3 basketball in any kind of way. When I first started this, everybody thought it was a circus anyway. Everbody thought it was a gimmick. They’re playing hard-nosed basketball. And that’s what I promised them. I didn’t promise them a gimmick. I promised them good 3-on-3 basketball.”

Ball did not have much of a professional career as an athlete though’ he’s no stranger to the life either. He briefly played for the New York Jets (on the training camp roster) and played backup tight end overseas in London. But what about his basketball prowess?

Of course, Ball has said some outlandish things about how he could beat Michael Jordan. This is a bit hard to believe considering he averaged 2.2 points per game during one college basketball season at Washington State.

It’s hard to find much footage of Ball actually playing outside of a goofy segment on SportsNation against 10-year NFL veteran Marcellus Wiley. There’s a video on YouTube of him looking out of shape and struggling on the court, but that’s from over 15 years ago.

Former NBA MVP Charles Barkley has challenged him to play one-on-one basketball, though Ball did not accept.

Ice Cube offers Ball a platform where, with one shot, he can have some proof of his actual ability as a player. Sure, it doesn’t matter how good of a shooter he is for his son Lonzo to have success at the next level for the Los Angeles Lakers.

But it wouldn’t hurt if he could sink an attempt from long distance at Staples Center.

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