Dwyane Wade, rumored to Lakers, worked out with Paul George in Malibu

Dwyane Wade, rumored to Lakers, worked out with Paul George in Malibu


Dwyane Wade, rumored to Lakers, worked out with Paul George in Malibu

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Chicago Bulls guard and NBA veteran Dwyane Wade is rumored to be interested in joining the Los Angeles Lakers if he receives a buyout from the Bulls, according to reports.

If Chicago did agree and Wade became a free agent, he would then have to decide to play for a young team in Los Angeles that is not expected to compete for the postseason – while contending teams like his former employer (the Miami Heat) and the Cleveland Cavaliers have been linked to him as well.

Here is what Barry Jackson said of the speculation (via Miami Herald):

“Though ESPN reported that LeBron James’ camp expects Dwyane Wade to end up with Cleveland if he reaches a buyout with the Bulls, a Wade associate has been telling people that Miami and Los Angeles are also appealing destinations for Wade … We would never profess to know what Wade is thinking; only Wade — for whom we have great respect — and those closest to him know that.”

Wade has recently pulled his kids out of school in Chicago and has not communicated with the organization since they traded away Jimmy Butler.

As such, it’s noteworthy to mention that Wade was in Los Angeles working out with Paul George. Could this mean that Wade may also be considering the Oklahoma City Thunder if the Bulls buy out his contract?

Wade and George have played on three Eastern Conference All-Star teams together. You can see the latest photo of them together below.


The Lakers front office has previously suggested that they are interested in offering two max contracts next offseason.

Eric Pincus, who has written about how they can afford to do this, recently noted some of the players who could join LeBron James on the Lakers if they manage to sign him away from the Cavaliers.

George, to no surprise, was considered the most likely candidate (via Bleacher Report):

“George may be more attainable, especially with the Lakers essentially off the hook for the tampering charge levied by the Pacers. Their scoring prowess aside, James and George would make a formidable pairing defensively. Add in the length of Brandon Ingram and the Lakers would be a vastly better team on both ends of the court.”

Los Angeles would need to do some serious cap work to sign James, George and Wade. The fuss may be much ado about nothing and an incredibly reactionary speculation to a simple photograph.

However, George has said he would sign with the Lakers if certain guys commit and a team began to form.

It would not be a surprise if George and Wade, who both have expiring contracts at the end of the season, at least mentioned the idea of playing on the same team in the city where they worked out together this weekend.


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