15 things you may not know about Tony Parker

15 things you may not know about Tony Parker


15 things you may not know about Tony Parker

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1. He leads all international players in scoring, assists and steals in NBA playoffs history.

2. He has scored more points in the postseason than Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Hakeem Olajuwon.

3. His song ‘Balance Toi’ was No. 1 in the French charts for a week.

4. He’s never been a free agent in the NBA.

5. He averaged 22.0 ppg and 6.1 apg playing in the French League during the 2011 lockout He also scored 34 points in 37 minutes in his lone Eurocup game.

6. He left Nike for Peak.

7. He’s won 72.6 percent of the regular season games he’s played.

8. He’s the only European point guard to make the All-Star Game in NBA history.

9. He’s also the first non-American player to be named NBA Finals MVP.

10. His great-uncle Jan Wienese was a rowing gold medal winner at the 1968 Olympics.

11. He’s the all-time scoring leader in Eurobasket history.

12. He has never defeated Pau Gasol in a FIBA tournament game.

13. He has shot below 30 percent from three in five NBA seasons.

14. With France, he never made it to the semifinals at the World Championship or the Olympics.

15. He endorsed a socialist candidate for the 2017 French legislative election.


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