Tom Brady texted Isaiah Thomas after the Celtics traded him

Tom Brady texted Isaiah Thomas after the Celtics traded him


Tom Brady texted Isaiah Thomas after the Celtics traded him

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Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas says New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady texted him after the Boston Celtics traded him.

Brady, a five-time Super Bowl champion, also reached out to Gordon Hayward (who is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts) when he signed with Boston. Here is why Brady checking in on Thomas meant so much to the former Boston star (via The Players’ Tribune):

“I look at a career like Tom’s with the Patriots — and that’s exactly the kind of career that I had hoped to be building here with the Celtics: Being this low draft pick … coming in without acclaim … and then — through hard work, and determination, and some talent that maybe people had overlooked — just starting to win, and win, and win. And then establishing a legacy of winning. And then staying in Boston, winning titles and competing like hell, for the rest of my career — until I was considered one of the all-time Boston greats. That’s the career that I had started to map out for myself. In my mind, I wanted to be the Celtics version of Brady and [David] Ortiz. I wanted this next era of Celtics basketball to go down in history — and I wanted to go down in Boston sports history with it. So when I got that text from Tom, you know, there was part of me that felt a little down.”

Before he even played a game for Boston, however, Thomas said he wanted to learn about winning from Brady.

When he was on the Celtics, Thomas was open about how much he admired Brady. The two-time NFL MVP showed support for Thomas via Instagram last season

Thomas has been on the sidelines for big games in New England and has called Brady “the coolest dude” he had ever met.

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