What's next for Edy Tavares after he was waived by the Cavaliers?

What's next for Edy Tavares after he was waived by the Cavaliers?


What's next for Edy Tavares after he was waived by the Cavaliers?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have waived big man Edy Tavares as one of their training camp cuts. What’s next for the 25-year-old NBA player?

Bobby Marks provided more context on what it would take to pick up Tavares on an NBA contract (via ESPN):

“Cap space or a trade exception is needed for a team interested in claiming Edy Tavares. Even though Tavares $1.5M non-guaranteed contract reflects the minimum, Cleveland signed the center to a three-year contract last season using part of the tax midlevel exception. Tavares had a $1.6M team option for 2018-19.”

According to Spotrac, only eight teams currently have cap space. Meanwhile, fourteen teams in the league have usable trade exceptions.

Tavares may have legitimate value for a team considering his unique 7-foot-3 height and 8-foot wingspan. In the one game that he played for the Cavaliers in the NBA, he had ten rebounds and six blocks. This preseason, he did not receive many minutes for Cleveland.

Tavares is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the developmental league, where he averaged 2.7 blocks per game. The Cavs cannot outright him to their G League affiliate Canton Charge because the Raptors have his returning rights.

However, Cleveland can try to trade for him with Toronto or can sign him to a two-way deal. There are fourteen other teams with an available two-way contract for next season.

Teams with cap space or a trade exception and a spot on their roster for a two-way contract include the Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers and the Philadelphia 76ers.

But the most likely scenario seems he will return to the Raptors and play for their G League team next year.

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