Chris Bosh has not yet ruled out a return to playing in the NBA

Chris Bosh has not yet ruled out a return to playing in the NBA


Chris Bosh has not yet ruled out a return to playing in the NBA

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Two-time NBA champion Chris Bosh was released by the Miami Heat and the big man has not played a game in the league since the 2015-16 season due to a blood-clotting issue.

Bosh, however, has now been spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers’ practice facility twice this offseason. He is currently represented by Landmark Sports, which was run by Rob Pelinka. While he is now the general manager for the Lakers, he was briefly Bosh’s agent.

It’s seemingly impossible for Bosh to play in the NBA again until he is cleared for basketball activities, especially considering playing could be critical after a near-death experience.

But a source close to the situation does not believe he has entirely given up on the goal of eventually returning.

While at practice in Los Angeles, Bosh was in street clothes, not working out. But Barry Jackson, who covered the 11-time NBA All-Star when he played for the Heat, also spoke about the big man’s desire to resume his playing career (via Miami Herald):

“Bosh is living in Southern California and associates say Bosh has by no means ruled out playing again despite his past battle with blood clots.”

He has not been cleared to return to play in the league after his medical retirement due to blood clots, so anything we hear is all speculation and hearsay at this point.

However, Bosh now shares an agent with Channing Frye. The NBA veteran, who has spoken favorably of Bosh in the past, missed a season due to heart issues. These are, of course, drastically different health problems.

But the first diagnosis for Frye was that he would never play basketball again. When he was 33 years old, he won an NBA championship with the Cavaliers. Bosh is currently 33, though the longer he is away from the game, the more challenging it will be for him to return.

Returning would be very risky for Bosh, and there’s no guarantee that a team would even be willing to sign him and put him in a potential life-threatening situation.

Even if Bosh does not return as a player, he could still be considered as a candidate for a potential front office position. He has made it clear that he has no interest in coaching.

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