Which NBA teams have the most and the least championship experience?

Which NBA teams have the most and the least championship experience?


Which NBA teams have the most and the least championship experience?

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We looked up the number of champions in five major basketball competitions (NBA, Olympics, World Cup, Euroleague and NCAA) on NBA rosters right now.

Here are some of our most fascinating takeaways:

  • The San Antonio Spurs are the only roster with a championship in all five major competitions. Because, of course they are.
  • Likewise, the Spurs are also the team with the most total championships in all five major competitions with 30 overall. They are not, however, the team with the most players to have won championships.
  • That honor would belong to the Golden State Warriors, who have an impressive 13 players with at least one championship. (Which makes sense considering they pretty much brought the entire 2016-17 squad back).
  • The Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers come tied at second, with nine apiece.
  • The Warriors are also the team with the most Olympic gold-medal winners. They have four in total.
  • The player with the most career championships is the legendary Manu Ginobili, who has six: four NBA titles, to go with one Euroleague championship and an Olympic gold medal with Argentina in the 2004 Athens games.
  • The Charlotte Hornets are the franchise with the most NCAA champions on it. Michael Kidd-GilchristJeremy LambKemba Walker and Marvin Williams all won titles while in school. Lamb and Walker did so on the same Connecticut team.
  • The team with the most Euroleague titles is the Utah Jazz. Joe InglesRicky Rubio and Ekpe Udoh all won championships while playing overseas.
  • Even the rebuilding New York Knicks have three champions on the roster, though they all won their titles in college.
  • Overall, 105 players have won at least one title in the five major competitions, meaning 21.1 percent of players on a roster have championship experience.

Full data below.

Key: Number of players who have won those titles in parentheses.


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Alberto de Roa contributed to this article.

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