My text-message conversation with Dorell Wright while watching his brother Delon play the Wizards

My text-message conversation with Dorell Wright while watching his brother Delon play the Wizards


My text-message conversation with Dorell Wright while watching his brother Delon play the Wizards

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With Delon spending another season in Toronto, it’s 14 years in a row with a Wright brother in the NBA. Dorell, of Miami/Golden State/Portland/Philadelphia fame, is now playing Euroleague basketball with German club Bamberg and following his little sibling closely. That sometimes means staying up at night to watch the games.

On Sunday, aside from watching on League Pass, he stayed in touch with HoopsHype texting back and forth during the Wizards-Raptors contest for a very entertaining conversation:

DW: I’m so pissed LOL. I’m the superstitious one too.

LOL. OK, all good I️ won’t give any details. But it made me forget the text… All I’ll say hahaha.

Damn. I’m assuming Will is in deep trouble.

DW: Yes, he is, man. SMH.

So that’s kind of the routine for you? No Facetime, just texts?

DW: Yes, I usually just shoot him a text right before the game and vice versa. Hell, he forgot to text me a few days ago. I had a nice little 18-point game or whatever 🙄 LOL, he’ll be fine.

He gets to watch your Euroleague games?

DW: Man, knowing Delon’s lazy butt he watches through Instagram and Twitter LOL. I️ don’t think he’s caught a game yet. Think he’s headed to practice during our games too.

How nervous do you get watching your brother play?

DW: OMG, I’m bad. I️ want him to do so well. I️ find myself yelling and fussing a lot when he’s playing. This year I’ve actually been a lot better. He’s playing so much better and he’s so comfortable.

24 minutes per game too.

DW: 🤙🏾🤙🏾 Hard work pays off. He really put the time in and the extra work. He deserves it all.

Do you guys work out together a lot?

DW: No, not a lot. We worked out maybe 10/15 times this summer. I️ live in NorCal now with my family. He’s in SoCal where we grew up. So I️ catch him when I️ can. Got a chance to play with each other again in the Drew League, that’s always fun

Are you the obnoxious brother type pointing at what he’s doing wrong?

DW: Yes, for sure. I’m always going to help him in areas I️ see he can do better and where he can improve. He’s a pretty smart and high IQ guy. So he accepts it all.

At what point did you realize he was probably going to end up playing in the NBA?

DW: LOL, maybe after his junior year of college. Knew he had a great chance if he went back for his senior year and ball out. We had to talk him into going back! And he did his stuff!

DW: My AAU coach told me if I️ went to prep school to play one more year I’ll go to the NBA the next year. I️ thought he was out of his mind. I️ did well and maybe the first month into the season I️ knew I️ was out of there.

How were those months leading up to the draft? Overwhelming? Exciting? Both?

DW: More exciting. Hey, I️ was groomed to be a baseball player. My dad put in overtime with me and baseball. Then I️ go to a new high school my junior year to play for a better school and end up playing my last two years and start making a name for myself on the court too. So it was tough to tell my dad I️ wanted to just hoop.

How good were you at baseball?

DW: Good enough to get drafted after my senior year LOL, so I️ was OK.

Wow. Basketball way more enjoyable, right?

DW: I️ love both, man. Baseball is a beautiful game too. People hate it because it’s so slow. But those guys are so skilled. I️ enjoy both.


Interesting how you both ended up being drafted at similar positions joining good teams that didn’t play young guys a lot early on.

DW: Yes, a blessing too. We were both able to get great player development and learn the game from the bench. Most young guys get thrown out there to the wolves. And they don’t last 🤷🏾‍♂️

Heat culture, man.

DW: Best out there.

So many people speak highly about it.

DW: Man, Pat Riley‘s blueprint is crazy. When you’re in it day to day you don’t understand. But once you leave you clearly understand hahaha.

Kid out of high school with a lot of money spending first years in the League IN MIAMI. That could have gone wrong, but it didn’t.

DW: Insane. Thank God my teammates had more money than me. I️ never had to pull out money. Hell, I️ was still eating Wendy’s and Miami House of Wings on the regular.

Delon in the game now.

DW: Yup, hopefully this second unit can bring the energy. They came out super flat. Definitely common for a team that just did a 12-day West Coast trip 🤦🏾‍♂️

No John Wall, though. They should probably win.

DW: Right. They’ll pick it up. But hey, Wizards next guy up.

I read you compared your brother to Shaun Livingston a few years back.

DW: Yeah, he’s been giving me a lot of John Wall this season. He’s been playing at a great pace (not John wall LOL) and getting to the rim and also making the right play.

Nobody can play at Wall pace. In the open court, he’s scarier than the Demigorgon.

DW: His Euro step is impeccable, by the way. After he hit Manu with it in the open court, he’s got that stamp LOL.

Yeah. It’s crazy how fast John is. Zoom zoom for sure.

Gets better every year too. Outside of Toronto’s, do you watch a lot of games?

DW: Yes, I’m a real-life hoop fan. I️ watch a lot of games. I’m on YouTube, I’m low-key a junky with the hoops.

How about Euroleague? Enjoying it so far? Better than China?

DW: Yes, been awesome so far. The atmosphere in every arena is crazy, wow. And yes, I’ll take the Euroleague all day.

Basketball was not such a big deal in Germany a few years ago. But then Dirk happened and they have really well-run clubs over there with great fans now.

DW: Yes, here in Bamberg they go crazy. They call them Freak City! And hey, they get loud! 🤙🏾

You went from living in warm-weather places like California and Florida to Portland-Philly-Germany. How about that adjustment? I know it would hurt me 🙃

DW: It’s been good. I’m one of those guys who can be put anywhere and can be comfortable. I’m also a homebody too. So it’s all good

How’s the city and the relationship with fellow American players?

DW: Man, it’s good. Nice small city. Huge fans of the team. So it’s nothing but positive energy and love! The Americans are all good people as well. I️ knew Bryce Taylor from our high school days! We were roommates in Colorado Springs trying out for the USA team. So that’s pretty cool to be teammates again

Oh, it’s a small world.

Lowry ejected. I think Delon is going to play a lot tonight. You don’t have to admit it, but I know you’re low-key happy about this 😎

DW: LOL, I’m always happy when the brodie gets those minutes. We’ll take them. Still shout out to KLow, though 🤙

Don’t know about Lowry, but you’re friends with a bunch of stars, right? Curry went to your wedding. Wade too?

DW: Yep, I️ am. Those guys were great teammates and even better friends. DWade someone that took me under his wing from Day One. And Steph, I️ was a young vet then. Believe that was my seventh and eighth year. Our wives have become great friends as well.

What about Shaq? The rookie hazing must have been brutal.

DW: Shaq was my guy too. We had great times together. Crazy playing with a guy I️ watched for all those years with the Lakers and him bringing championships to the city. Then being his teammate a few years after. Crazy.

No rookie hazing. I️ was a cool fly young dude. They didn’t make me do much. I️ was the little brother those guys always wanted LOL. I️ had to take everyone’s gear on the road. Could never make it in one trip because I️ had to take those Shaq 24 size shoes. I️ always had to make two trips.

Everything Shaq related is hilarious to me.

Most people know you from your Miami years, but you actually put up your best numbers with the Warriors. I was looking at your stats today and you actually outscored Stephen Curry during your time there. If you didn’t know that, now you do.

DW: LOL. Yeah, only because he was dealing with that ankle injury most of our second season. Just like him letting me hold the record for three-pointers made in a season for like six months LOL. Him and Klay slapped the hell out of my 194 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄🤣

What were your thoughts on Curry those days?

A. This guy is going to be a good starter for a long time.
B. He’s going to be an All-Star.
C. He’s going to be an MVP or close.

DW: A. The west was so crazy at PG. I️ knew Steph would be good if healthy. Just didn’t know he would take off like this. Geez. But hey, I️ saw the behind the scenes. He put the work in on the court and in the weight room. So I’m not that surprised how good he is.

Perhaps not at that level, but has that happened with any other teammate? Like, “I didn’t expect him to become this good.”

DW: Klay as well. Never knew he would be a great two-way player. I️ knew he was a great shooter/scorer. Just didn’t know he would be considered a defender as well.

Second round in 2013. Then irst round in 2014. NBA title with Kerr in 2015.

DW: Yeah, I couldn’t see those teams beating Spurs or Heat 🤷🏾‍♂️

Kerr almost signed with the Knicks before joining the Warriors. #NeverForget

DW: Yeah, great choice hahaha.

Raptors down 13 now.

Good play by Delon. Down 11. We may have a game.

DW: Yes, because this has been a damn snoozefest 😴😴😴 Hope they pick it up.

Yessir. Nice dime from DayLon aka Tyrone!

Why Tyrone?

DW: LMAO. It’s been a running joke for some years now. I️ think it came from a meme, so we call each other Tyrone when we do something good. I️ need to ask Delon where it came from.

Like you said earlier, Delon does play under control.

DW: Yes, at his speed. He doesn’t let the defense speed him up at all. Definitely a gift. Lots of young players play at one pace!

Not on board with that move? You shot a fair amount yourself.

DW: I’m saying. It’s apart of the game, LOL.

OK, Delon is on Beal. I️ like this. Where you earn your stripes.

Delon gave us a bit of Wall there. 7-4-2 in 19 minutes.

DW: Yessir. Good minutes so far.

Going back to your season in Europe. What happened with that Bosnian team you signed with?

DW: LOL, let’s say I played better than what everybody else thought. So the two months I agreed to were cut short because clubs saw I still could play after taking a season off 😏

I assume it’s Euroleague only for you this season, no? It’s not like China where you can play the CBA season, then join an NBA club in February/March.

DW: Yeah, just Euroleague and German League. My team has won the German League last three years. So it should be a long season 🤙🏾

You have to play the kid Luka Doncic during the Euroleague regular season, perhaps playoffs. Looking forward to that one? The NBA will be watching, I’m sure.

DW: Yes, I️ think I’ll play him twice before the playoffs. I️ wanna see what the hype is all about. He’s been looking great early this season. Definitely can’t wait to see him up close.

VanVleet looking great too now.

DW: Heck yeah. He’s very crafty and underrated. Great college player and he’s going to be in the league for a long time.

DeRozan going to work.

DW: Work. His guys got them back in the game. Time for him to close now.

Beal-DeRozan showdown!

DW: Beal so nice. I️ really like his game. Hopefully once LeBron slows down him and Wall can go to the Finals.

Possible. I see Boston as a more likely option. Brown-Tatum 🔥

DW: Yeah, I️ like those guys too. Tough call hahaha.

100-87. I’m afraid this is pretty much over.

DW: Yeah, Done Deal Records. Should have stayed with that second unit that got them back in the game.

We might as well discuss what other things you’re watching on Netflix now.

DW: So I’m headed to Ozark next. I️ started Game of Thrones when I️ got over here and finished that. Then Westworld!

Game of Thrones starting on Season 1?!

DW: Yep… and finished in three weeks 😭😭

That’s serious binge watching. I watched Breaking Bad in one month and a half earlier this year so I guess I have to 🤐

DW: Both great shows.

But Breaking Bad is MJ of TV series. GoT is Wade.

DW: LOL, yes Breaking Bad was my first ever binge a few years ago.

Just saw you play Fenerbahce this week. That’s a tough one.

DW: Yep, those are the champs. Should be a good one. We’ve been playing pretty good basketball last three games. So we’re looking for the challenge.

Pay attention to their coach yelling at some of the best players in Europe. #SerbianCoaches

DW: LMAO, yeah I️ already know. I’ve had plenty of friends play for him. He’s the Pat Riley of Europe. He can do what he wants. He’s a winner, LOL.

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